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May 10, 2007 08:47 AM

Third St in Santa Monica - Help!

My boss (who's travelling from OC) is meeting a client and asked me to research restaurants for next Tuesday night on or near the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica for a business dinner. I know exactly where to send folks in OC, but Santa Monica is out of my expertise. Anyone have any great suggestions? There are no cuisine prerequisites - just good food with the ability to have and hear conversations.


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  1. About 300 feet from the northern end of the 3rd street promenade is Michael's: expensive, menu safe, and the outdoor patio is perfect for a business dinner/meeting.

    1. What about one of the nearby hotels? Although the Penthouse at the Huntley is within walking distance, its restaurant is very loud. The restaurant at Casa del Mar is quiet and the food was reasonably good when I was there over a year ago.

      1. Houstons is also at 2nd and Wilshire, and it's always a safe place for a business dinner.

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          I would definitely go with Houston's for business.

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            I don't think Houston's takes reservations, so that makes it tough for a business dinner.

            1. re: WestsideLisa

              Houston's takes reservations up to a certain amount of people, but it can get loud there.

          2. Hello... You cannot fail with Jiraffe, just a couple blocks away at the corner of Santa Monica blvd and 5th st.. The address is 501 Santa Monica Blvd. Phone is: 310-917-6671. Excellent food and service, sophisticated, but not over-the-top expensive. Everything is good on the menu. The place will sell itself, once you enter the doorway...

            1. I had a lovely meal at Abode last night, beautiful restaurant, excellent food and wonderful service.