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Third St in Santa Monica - Help!

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My boss (who's travelling from OC) is meeting a client and asked me to research restaurants for next Tuesday night on or near the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica for a business dinner. I know exactly where to send folks in OC, but Santa Monica is out of my expertise. Anyone have any great suggestions? There are no cuisine prerequisites - just good food with the ability to have and hear conversations.


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  1. About 300 feet from the northern end of the 3rd street promenade is Michael's: expensive, menu safe, and the outdoor patio is perfect for a business dinner/meeting.


    1. What about one of the nearby hotels? Although the Penthouse at the Huntley is within walking distance, its restaurant is very loud. The restaurant at Casa del Mar is quiet and the food was reasonably good when I was there over a year ago.

      1. Houstons is also at 2nd and Wilshire, and it's always a safe place for a business dinner.

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          I would definitely go with Houston's for business.

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            I don't think Houston's takes reservations, so that makes it tough for a business dinner.

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              Houston's takes reservations up to a certain amount of people, but it can get loud there.

          2. Hello... You cannot fail with Jiraffe, just a couple blocks away at the corner of Santa Monica blvd and 5th st.. The address is 501 Santa Monica Blvd. Phone is: 310-917-6671. Excellent food and service, sophisticated, but not over-the-top expensive. Everything is good on the menu. The place will sell itself, once you enter the doorway...

            1. I had a lovely meal at Abode last night, beautiful restaurant, excellent food and wonderful service.

              1. Michael's is a great recommendation (definitely sit in the patio.) Also look into I Cugini, Jiraffe, BOA Steakhouse, or a few blocks further but great -Capo. My experience is to stay off the Promenade itself if you want better food and a less hectic atmosphere.

                1. Two of the best Mexican restaurants on the Westside are across the street from each other, just a short block from the Promenade: Border Grill at 1445 4th St. between Broadway and Santa Monica Blvd., and La Serenata di Garibaldi at 1416 4th St. Serenata is a tad more formal and probably less noisy.

                  On the Promenade itself, I'm partial to Trastevere for Italian, although again it might be a bit noisy.

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                    Border Grill is infamously too loud for a business meeting.

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                      border grill is a tourist trap, and can be very noisy with a lot of families & rowdy kids. but la serenata is some of the best mexican you'll find anywhere, and although festive, the atmosphere is classier, more subdued, & definitely more appropriate for a business dinner.

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                        The one time I ate at Border Grill, I was less than impressed.

                        I agree with those who voted for Jiraffe.

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                          I'd say Jiraffe, or even somewhere like Fritto Misto. Locanda del Lago might do you well too, or Whist at the Viceroy.

                          No, no no for Sushi Roku. Loud and crummy.

                          If you'd be willing to head up toward Brentwood, you might consider Vincenti or Amici (nice wine list here).

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                            I second Locanda Del Lago...pretty darn good.

                        2. On Ocean (would be "1st Street" two blocks away) you have Boa (steakhouse), Sushi Roku, Ocean Ave. Seafood, Ivy at the Shore, Capo, and Lobster. Reviews of all available on line. Michael's is expensive, but a great choice just north of the Promenade. Jiraffe is a good recommendation. All of these have a heavy business clientele.

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                            sushi roku is a zoo. way too noisy & chaotic for a business dinner. besides, the food and service at the s.m. location are both awful.

                          2. Capo is very upscale and impressive in terms of both its food and wine list. If this is a dinner to impress without budget constraints I would highly recommend it.

                            1. You guys NEVER let me down! Thanks to all who replied. My boss had a great meal at JiRaffe - it was perfect!

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                                Thanks for replying as to the outcome! Good feedback from the original poster always nurtures the motivation to assist our fellow hounds again and again...

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                                  I second silence9's comment. Thanks for giving us an update Kwsty.

                              2. I think that you'd be very safe with Icugini or BOA steakhouse. Both deliver solidly.