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May 10, 2007 08:32 AM

Funky, artsy (maybe italian) restaurant, seattle

i lived in seattle about 7 years ago and a friend and i went to dinner at a real funky restaurant with mannequins and chairs hanging from the ceiling. i remember it being very good food, but can't think of the name. my sister is currently in seattle and asking recommendations, but i can't remember the name of this place for the life of me. can someone please be kind enough and refresh my memory (or lack thereof)?

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  1. Is it the Pink Door in Post Alley, down at the Pike Place Market? You enter from the alley, into a pink door, and immediately descend a stairway. They have a bar in the back and a large terrace which is packed in the summer. Sound familiar?

    1. I think the restaurant you're describing is Bizzaro in Wallingford. I live in the neighborhood and have been there many times but I can't recommend it. The food just doesn't cut it for me.

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        that might be it, but i know we went there because of an inticing write-up... but it could be the same place. i know i do tend to be a little more lenient with my critiquing when i don't have to pick up the tab. i won't recommend it to my sister none-the-less. thanks, mookie

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          everyone has an opinion and mine is that bizzarro is delightful in terms of both food and atmosphere - uncommon presentations both on the walls and on the plate. though i no longer live nearby, i went frequently when i did and try to get there these days as often as fate allows - do tell your sister about it and let her form her own opinion irregardless of who is buying

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          15 years ago, or so, we ate there frequently and enjoyed it a lot. Chef, then, Linda Graszyk did a great job. A personal favorite was a penne with eggplant. Then she left and the place went into a slump so fast we quit going. Maybe a few years (or was it months?) later, a place opened up at Western and Vine, named - wait, wait --- Wesern Vine. While it was kind of new, we went to check it out. It was nice enough, and all, and on the menu was a penne with eggplant., so I had to get it. One, maybe two bites, and I asked for the name of the chef. It was Linda. Then they closed and I have lost her again. Any idea where she has got to?

          1. re: mrnelso

            I did a quick google search and turned up nothing. Strange, but I don't remember Westen Vine (clever) at all.

        3. Send your sister to Osteria La Spiga on Seattle's Capitol Hill. The owners are from Emilia-Romagna and I just love the piadina, the Romangna flatbread with a glass of wine. I've heard good things about the pastas.

          They are popular, so call for a reservation. They just moved into fancy new quarters here;
          PHONE: 206-323-8881

          ADDRESS: 1429 12th Ave. (12th & Madison)

          WEB SITE: