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May 10, 2007 08:30 AM

Best Place to buy Strawberries?

I'm looking for truly scrumptious, not the sturdy fellows that seem to be in all the supermarkets, from QFC to WholeFoods, and the markets, from Pike Place to the Yakima Fruitmarket. Is it too early in the season to get anything fabulous in the area? Eastside locales would be ideal, but I'm willing to drive for spectacular berries. Thanks!

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  1. The Hillsdale Farmers' Market (Sundays 10-2) in Portland has had some great strawberries for a couple of weeks now.

    Hey, you said you were willing to drive! ;o)

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      Thanks for posting--when there's no location in the subject line, some of us from Portland are apt to be reading the thread. Have you been to the Portland Farmers' Market at Portland State, and have you seen strawberries there?

    2. The best local strawberries come out in June. There is typically a farmer's stand on 35th NE a few blocks past the post office that features great strawberries, followed by great raspberries,marionberries and blueberries.

      1. Yes it's too early. Strawberies are a summer thing, and usually an early to mid-summer thing. When they are in season look at your local farmer's market or at PCC natural markets. Regular groceries like QFC are terrible about carrying local produce, and I am not impressed with Whole Foods selection of local stuff, either. PCC, on the other hand, prioritizes local farmers' goods. There's also berry farms on the eastside (like Remlinger) but with farmers markets you really shouldn't have to drive to these, unless you are dying to pick your own.

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          Christy, if we are dying to pick our own berries (strawberries or anything else), would you recommend Remlinger? Do you have any other recs for you pick berry places further north, in Snohomish/Everett?

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            The Hood variety in Portland will soon be available, probably by the 19th. The peak of that season is from then til around 6/13, hardly summer. They are the best - tiny, fragile, juicy, ultra-sweet, melt on your tongue. Get them at the PSU Portland Farmers' Mkt on saturdays.