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May 10, 2007 08:24 AM

How Long will Gorgonzola Dolce Last?

Just bought a big hunk, well-sealed & chilled. Want to use it for Joe H's infamous Risotto with Pistachios a week from Sunday - 11 days hence. Will it make it?

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  1. It will certainly "make it;" though potentially in a different condition than that in which you purchased it.

    What does "well-sealed" mean? Be aware that cheese can often pick up flavors from particularly odoriferous items in the refrigerator and plastic wrap (if it's been wrapped in plastic). However, the flavor imparted by plastic is usually rather slight and doesn't generally permeate through the surface to which the plastic is exposed.

    To ensure minimal change in flavor and texture, one ought to wrap the cheese in butcher paper and store in the vegetable crisper (nowhere near a sliced onion, obviously), which has a more stable temperature and humidity level than the rest of the fridge.

    I wouldn't be too concerned. In the worst scenario I can imagine, you might have to shave off a bit of the outer layer of cheese, but the rest of the piece ought to be fine. It's not like blue cheese can really go bad (if it's properly refrigerated). I mean, it's gone bad already. What, it's gonna go worse?

    1. Well, dolce a younger cheese, and more apt to get ammonia off-flavors sooner. Non-hard European cheeses usually don't prosper with long keeping in refrigerators - too cold, too damp. Plastic is also not good - butcher paper is much better - cheese needs to breathe. I would normally try to finish off this kind of cheese within a few days of purchase at most; I've seen it suffer when I've let it go longer. So, having bought the cheese, you shouldn't waste it. But next time, try to buy it the same day or no more than a day or two as using it if you want it as a star ingredient to shine best. Remember that the American habit of buying perishables many days in advance is more a function of convenience-food culture than of good food culture...

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        The last time I got cheese so bad I had to return it, was gorgonzola dulce, it smelled like a cheap bottle of ammonia. I apoligized and the owner then apoligized to me.