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May 10, 2007 08:18 AM

looking for opinions of these restaurants

Olivers Creole Restaurant on Decatur and Felix's Restaurant & Oyster Bar on Bourbon. Looking for casual, modestly priced, creole or New Orleans style eats when we visit the FQ in a few weeks. Want to eat New Orleans food ..not the food I can eat at home.
ALSO..when we made our reservations in the Quarter we were told Petunia's is closed. Is that correct? HOPE NOT.

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  1. Not sure Felix's on Bourbon is open. Better check on that.

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    1. re: Spencer

      Felix is open- some friends of mine were there last week. They said the food was great, but they wished the portions were larger.

    2. Acme is better than Felix's, in the Quarter. But Casamento's uptown is best of all.

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      1. re: uptownlibrarian

        I agree, if you're going for oysters, Casamento's is the best!

      2. Felix's is open. About the same as Acme Oyster House, I often take out of towners to the uptown location, pretty standard New Orleans food at a decent price.

        Also check out Remoulade on Bourbon St, it is attached to Arnaud's. Stay away from the pizza/burgers on the menu, and you can get some pretty good food. I've heard you can order off the Arnaud's menu as well, but I've never tried.

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        1. re: JGrey

          Petunia's is absolutely open (and terrific)! Take a $10 cab ride to the Bywater for Elizabeths for lunch or brunch at a quintessential NOLA joint.

        2. Petunia's is definitely open and is as delicious as it ever was.

          As for casual, moderately priced, and wonderful New Orleans food, you cant beat Coop's near the French Market end of Decatur.

          Here's a link to my post about my own recent trip and a few rarely discussed places.

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          1. re: Fydeaux

            Petunia's is open and has HUGE portions. Don't think I've tried Felix's, but I agree with others that Acme Oyster House is good.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Go to Petunia's for breakfast or lunch. Go to Coop's for dinner. (Be prepared for REAL New Orleans at Coop's, not the dressed up version you'll find at many FQ restaurants.) Nough said.

              One other thought: why are you limiting yourself to the FQ? There are so many great options a quick cab ride away?