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cheap eats for lunch-Lafayette and 4th

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Just started working in the area and I need some ideas. I've been to Whole Foods for salads, Chickpea for Falafel and 'witchcraft for sandwiches (which seem a little small for the price). Anything alse recommended?

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  1. BITE and Sparky's are two awesome joints next door to each other on Lafayette/Bleecker.

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      this thread got a lot of good responses and covers most places within a few blocks to the west:

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        What's good at bite and Sparky's?

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          I'll try and answer my own question.

          Bite: I tried the prosciutto and mozzarella one and it was great. The bread was toasted perfectly. I assume the other paninis are good too. Their lemonade was also quite refreshing.

          Don't know about Sparky's.

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            Sorry, I was out of the country. At Sparky's, fried chicken, burgers, and fries are good.

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            At BITE: the Spicy Middle Eastern Turkey sandwich is amazing. Smoked turkey, plum tomatoes, greens, creamy hummus, and sambal sauce on a ciabatta roll. The turkey/swiss/pesto panini, proscuitto/sun-dried tomato/mozzarella panini are both really good as well.

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              I like the curried tuna sandwich there too.

          1. i hear that if you ask for extra meat at 'witchcraft they will give it to you for free!

            1. Cafe Zaiya is a block before chickepea. Their curry bread is delicious.

              Make a cheese sandwich at the East village cheese shop 9th and 3rd.

              1. Have you tried the sandwiches from Crosby Connection on Crosby between Bleecker and Houston? Its literally a hole in the wall with cheap/tasty sandwiches made my a jovial Italian man named Joey.

                1. Karen's on Astor. Good sandwiches, soups and great veggie chili. All organic.

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                    Anyone have any more suggestions?

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                      Try the new location of Pinche Taqueria, which is on Lafayette and Bleecker. It's in the old Sparky's space.

                      If you are wiling to cross Houston into Soho, a few more options open up but it might take a little more time.

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                        Thanks for the recommendation. I was just over there by Bite and wondering how Pinche was.

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                          Stick with the fish, shrimp, or pork options. The beef was only so-so. Haven't tried the chicken but haven't heard good things either.