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May 10, 2007 08:02 AM

Pioneer Bar B Q in Red Hook

Does anyone know what's happening with this place? It's been closed for two weekends in a row and they never seem to answer the phone. Is it open? Closed for renovations? I've been wanting to have some friends there for my birthday later in May, but am nervous.

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  1. Huh, I was down there a few weeks ago on a Friday evening and it was *packed.* And there was just an article in the Brooklyn Paper about them...something about them taking out the horseshoes out back due to potential legal liability...

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      1. I went a year ago and I would never go there again. Dried up meat and less than mediocre service. Not worth the money.

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          Hands down, the worst attempt at making BBQ that has ever been. Strange considering that Al Harding is or was assoc. with this joint at one time.

          1. re: Hanachan

            I agree. Last year I got some bbq tofu that was gross. And the guy waiting on us was rude in a way that was trying to be funny, but it wasn't. The "bad art museum" on the walls is hilarious though.

          2. I was sitting at the bar about two weeks ago watching the Rangers game and enjoying some chicken wings and a concoction called a Jagr Bomb (jagermeister shot dropped in a pint of Bud - Jaromir Jagr..get it?) when the bartender came by to tell us that he had bad news. It was going to have to be last call. It was 8:30. He pointed to a woman sitting at a corner table with a giant stack of paperwork before her. He said she was from the DOH and they were being closed down 'for the weekend' do to a decision by management to ignore two citations for smoking on the premises. We ordered our last drinks, I finished my meal and then we had to leave. As noted above, it has yet to re-open. I believe the bartender's words were "This may be the end of an era". Take that as you will. Regardless of the quality of the food, it was a warm, inviting place to drink and to talk to neighbors. And I hope it returns. (edited to fix 'quality OF the food')

            1. Don't fret, it's back open now, running regular hours!