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May 10, 2007 07:40 AM


We will be in D.C. in a few weeks and have been given the names of four restaurants for dinner. We will have only two dinners and are interested in which of the four you might recommend or, be eager to disuade us from. The one caveat..,.. we are all seniors and are uncomfortable in too noisy a room.
The four restaurants are : Central, Kinkead, Bis and Cafe Milano.
Thanks for your help.

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  1. I wouldn't say any of these are overly quiet. Timing makes a big difference though. Pre-8pm dinner should be quieter.

    I would guess that Central is the noisiest.

    1. Bistro Bis does a really nice brunch and I imagine it would be quieter for brunch then dinner. If you will be there during the weekend I would highly suggest it. It's about $30 I think for 3 courses. Really nicely done.

      1. Instead of Bis, what about Vidalia- their sister restaurant whose chef just won a Beard award/

        1. Noise levels. This is a problem for some of my friends so I'm always aware of this one. We were easily able to hear ourselves talk at the table at Central. Bis is fine as well. Kinkead's can be a problem. If you get stuck in the Atrium, the ambient noise can be awful. There is a piano/jazz bar that you might not find a pleasant place to be seated near for supper. We had to ask to be moved from another location when a friend wearing a hearing aid just couldn't cope with the din.
          Cafe Milano is fine but can get raucous later at night. It's something of a "scene" and depending on where your table is you could do just fine. Don't rule it out.
          We've started just explaining the problem to the maitre d' before we're seated if noise seems to be an issue.