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May 10, 2007 07:12 AM

Boozy midtown weekday brunch?

Please help, fellow chowhounds!

I'm working a criminally early shift these days, and my colleagues and I are planning to go to brunch one day next week, 11ish. We work close to Bloomingdales on Lex. Open to high- or low-end ideas, but eggs & booze at that hour are essential. thanks!

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  1. Definition of brunch is that it's served on a Sunday, and in some places Saturday. Working by Bloomies, I understand you wanting alcohol. I did a consulting project there - it was awful foodwise and ridiculously overpriced.

    I think one option for you maybe Burger Heaven? They make good omelettes there, but I don't remember if they serve alcohol (maybe beer?)

    1. As nokitsch points out, brunch mid-week is a rarity. Other than at diners, the best possibility of finding eggs on a menu mid-week would be at a French bistro. And even then, it's usually only one choice, an omelette.

      If you are willing to travel a little ways away from the Bloomie's area, two French bistros come to mind that have omelettes on their menus.

      Sel et Poivre, on Lex, b/t 64th & 65th Sts. Small with very charming decor. Very reasonably-priced.

      L'Absinthe, on 67th St., b/t 2nd & 3rd Avs. More upscale with lovely ambiance to match.

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        Thank you! We were also considering going a bit more far afield to Rue 57. I'll look at the other menus.

      2. I know it's across town from you, but Landmarc in the TWC is serving breakfast/brunch every day until 4PM. I know it made me happy to hear that since I end up working strange hours as well and brunch is one of my favorite meals. I can't vouch for how good it is, but I am dying to try it soon!

        1. If wine is acceptable, Mon Petit Cafe (Lex & 62nd) serves breakfast until 11:30 on weekdays. Not sure what else is on the menu besides omelettes and French toast.