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May 10, 2007 07:12 AM

Where to eat near the Seine River? Paris Newbie!

I am new to Paris! I am taking a river cruise soon, and will have a 'waiting' period from when I get to Paris to when the ship leaves, any 'must eats' that are somewhat close? I will also be near the Louvre the next day...lunch suggestions, PLEASE.

Much appreciated!

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  1. The river runs through the middle of Paris, so where do you pick up the cruise? When we know that we can suggest some places--price range would also help.

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      I am cruising with Uniworld, and on day one they hae us doing this "We begin our city tour with a drive up the grand boulevard Champs Elysées and past the Arc de Triomphe. " soooo...I hope that provides a bit more direction??

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        I think I'll just give you a few suggestions as I am not sure where the boat is docked. The system on the Seine in Paris is there are several docks (or quais, in French) per arrondisements that front onto the river. The cruise by the way sounds like fun. I checked the uniworld website. Anyway, for your first night in Paris, I would suggest going to a place that interests you. You can taxi, metro (or walk if it is close by). For dinner, I definitely recommend Chez Jean in the 8th arr. They got their first star last year. It is run by a charming couple. Monsieur was a waiter and Madam was assistant to the owner at Taillevant. The food is innovative and modern and the service and wine list superb as it is at Taillevant. For lunch (not around the Louvre, but not that far) try to get a reservation at ont of these beautiful restaurants: Le Briston, Le Meurice or Le Grand Vefour. Or for something completely different try Le Souffle in the 1st arr. Whatever you do, have a wonderful time. Before dinner, you might like to have a drink at the Ritz bar where Hemmingway, Fitzgerald and the rest of the lost generation used to hang out. Tres posh and tres cher.

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          Faijay would you mind giving the adress of Chez Jean? I cannot find info on this 8eme place in my Paris Zagat or Michelin..

          1. re: erica

            Me bad--typo as it should have been the 9th. Actually, they got a star last year. Here are the co-ordinates:
            8, rue Lazare
            01 48 78 62 73

            Enjoy yourself.

            1. re: faijay

              What is the name of the nearest Metro stop? anyone?

              1. re: frugalgourmet

                Chez Jean is just down the street from Metro Notre-Dame de Lorette. That is the 12 line which you can catch at Concorde etc.

          2. re: faijay

            You are wonderful!! This is exactly the direction I needed...the cruise does look amazing! I am so excited, and your help will make the decisions sooo much easier...

            i leave next week and will report back at the end of the month....likely a few pounds heavier :)

            1. re: jennisad

              Not necessarily. I always lose weight in Paris, despite the food and wine. It is so beautiful that one just wants to walk for hours, and one does. Moreover there are not the gigantic portions one finds in the US, or even Canada or more northernly European countries. Have a wonderful trip. In the summer, there is a batobus that plies up and down the Seine. Lovely thing.

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                Great! Nothing like exploring a city on way to take it all in!