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May 10, 2007 07:08 AM

Sunday Night/Monday in Amsterdam??

I will be in Amsterdam in a few weeks for a short visit. I will be staying near the city centre in the Eden Rembrandt, and read that much shopping is closed these days...any suggestions on where I should eat? I have read that Amsterdam has some less than wonderful cuisine, and dont want to stumble into that place ;). it as dangerous as i have read? Anyone know if I will be staying near 'the ghetto' of Amsterdam? Pointers for me?
Thanks! Looking forward to some Yummy food!

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  1. Dangerous? Haha! No worries, been living here for 9 years and I've never felt that my life was really in danger. It's a small, metropolitan city with all the trapping of any city anywhere, good and bad. The only danger you'll probably run into is the tourist trap hell that is the Rembrandtsplein, the square near your hotel. Luckily, it is central and near a some great food/shopping streets, including one of my favorite, the Utrechtsestraat.

    A good spot to start in the search for good restaurants are:

    De Bakkerswinkel --- good breakfast, lunch & high tea
    Warmoesstraat 69
    Tel 020-489 8000 --- a bit out of the city centre, but worth it.

    Da Portare Via --- the best pizza EVER
    Leliegracht 34

    Proeflokaal de Zotte --- Belgian beer café, fantastic steak and too many beers to mention
    Raamstraat 29
    Telefoon (020) 626 86 94

    Bern, Café --- best cheese fondue in town
    Nieuwmarkt 9
    (020) 622 00 34

    well, that should do you...your timing is a bit unfortunate, as restaurants do tend to be closed on Sundays or Mondays, or a combo of both, but there are loads of restaurants about and you're sure to find something.

    Have fun and eet smaakelijk! --- Mari

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      Oooh, I miss De Zotte a lot; it was one of my regular hangouts when I lived there. Funnily enough, it's about a 3 minute walk from Leidseplein, but no tourists can find it (hint: walk behind the Melkweg, over a small bridge, and around the corner ...)

    2. If the Eden Rembrandt is on Rembrandtplein, then my first piece of advice would be to not eat anywhere that's actually ON the Rembrandtplein (or on Leidseplein, for that matter.)

      Fortunately, you're close to De Pijp, Oud Zuid, the southern Grachtengordel (canal belt) and other nice, relaxed neighborhoods with good eating and strolling potential. There are plenty of good suggestions on this board under the various Amsterdam topic headings, and you can check opening hours for most places on SpecialBite at

      As for safety, central Amsterdam is probably the safest major city I've ever lived in (and I've lived in a few). Ordinary common-sense, after-dark precautions apply, of course, but there really aren't any parts of town within walking distance of the center where I would be afraid to walk. The worst in my opinion is the Red Light District, which isn't necessarily unsafe - although there are pickpockets - it's just littered, garish, and smells bad (the 'lost weekend' crowd tends to get so stoned they forget about personal hygiene, and by Sunday night they smell like 3 days of B.O. and skunkweed). Of course, you won't find locals there ... they prefer to hang out in the more charming parts of town.

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      1. re: Bradbury

        Mari & Bradbury- Thank you both for the info, I really appreciate the insight of someone who has lived there, or lives there. With a bit of direction I feel much better prepared!

        As far as activities, is there any one thing in your opinion I should do? I hear strolling the canals warrants great photo op's!

      2. Ok i made it back from Amsterdam...LOVED IT!!! How i wish i could move there. The people were friendly, the city was beautiful and bustling with bkes (loved that) and after a long lost walk in the rain monday morning, I found Portare Via, and had to come back later for dinner when open. You are right...the pizza was wonderful. Light and tasty...well worth the tromp in the rain.. Thank you for the rec! I envy your city ;)

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          Glad you had a good time! So glad that you found Portare Via, yum-yum! Come back soon!

        2. The original comment has been removed