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May 10, 2007 06:24 AM

Fine Dining in Portland Maine


I am looking for some help. I am in charge of finding a couple of really nice restaurants in Portland Maine for a group of 10 guys (For a low key bachelor party). It'll be the middle of June and we're all into great food.

I am aware of Fore Street, Back Bay Grill and Vignola all being great choices. Looking for some help as to where we should definitely go. Any other suggestions are welcome besides the ones I just listed.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Hi there...I see no one has replied to you so I thought I'd offer a few suggestions. You might want to try a restaurant on Commercial St. called Portland's, it serves steaks and seafood and supposedly has a nice bar. It's good size and might be able to accomodate your party. Many restaurants in Portland are fairly small.....if you like sushi there is a nice place on Commercial Street called Sapporo's, they have a nice outdoor deck as well. There are some nice pubs around too, 3 Dollar Deweys ( across from Sapporo ), Brian Boru, Gritty's, etc. They all have pretty good pub food.
      Enjoy your visit.

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      1. re: cootiec

        My suggestion would be the following places for excellent food, nice atmosphere, and hopefully they can accomodiate your party of 10:
        Davids in Monument Square
        Back Bay Grill
        Dimillo's--the floating boat which is very good and big selections
        The Village Cafe--I love their veal and huge selections with excellent food
        Good Luck and let us know what you decided.

        1. re: irwin

          Just wanted to mention I went to the Village Cafe last summer with around 20 people. Unlike the year before, when we went there and most of our party had an enjoyable dining experience, it was very disappointing for some people. The food and the service was hit or miss. To Irwin's credit, I don't believe anyone had the veal. Anyway, we decided not to return this summer.

          Unfortunately, like CootieC said, most restaurants in Portland are fairly small. Although, I was there last weekend and noticed a good size group of young guys going into the Old Port Sea Grill at dinner time. It looked like it could have been a bachelor party, so Keefer might be onto something.

          Good Luck

      2. My first thought was Sapporo's too. Then I thought, a bachelor party, what the hell, try the new Billy's Barbecue. It is a Portland institution that is Phoenix-like in its reincarnations. Lots of good eats in Portland.

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        1. re: Passadumkeg

          Sorry, that's Uncle Billy's Barbecue!

        2. I'd rate Vignola as a great place for a BACHELORETTE party...

          1. I think some of the suggestions above are getting afield from your request for "fine dining".

            I think Back Bay Grill is an excellent choice. Low-key, refined atmosphere. Can probably provide a corner area for your table for a bit of privacy. Excellent food. Walking distance to after-dinner spots.

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            1. re: HDinCentralME

              I love 555 (as in 555 Congress St). The food is excellent and the atmosphere is fun, a little loud, and not stuffy. I also love Fore Street and Back Bay Grill, like everyone else.

              1. re: la catalana

                The Old Port Sea Grill would be a great place for such a gathering - a great variety of seafood and nonseafood dishes, with a wood grill that rivals Fore Street but without the hautiness (or price). It also has the advantage of being on Commercial Street within parking/walking distance of the Old Port bar scene - its close, without putting you in the midst of drunken young people dancing to the thump of a frantic disco beat.