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May 10, 2007 05:38 AM

barcelona: jean luc figueras

While waiting for--I hope--answers to a previous post, I did some poking around. I'm struck by the fact that there seems to be no post on Jean Luc Figueras. His place is everywhere in reviews, guidebooks, etc.--but not here. Anyone been? Is it worth it? Thoughts?

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  1. I've been for dinner. Did a long tasting menu and found the experience to be worthy of all the non-American media hype (I've noticed as well that Jean Luc Figueras doesn't get any coverage from the Times, Wine Spectator or the big three food mags). Great service, beautiful interior and exceptional French-Catalan food. Next tiime you're in town, go!

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      Jean Luc no longer exists. The restaurant has been renamed and the menuhas likely changed as well. I was supposed to go next week but changed plans when I was told of the changes. Not sure how the new place will be. I will be off to Drolma instead.

    2. I went to his new Mercer Restaurant in Barcelona. Fantasti value for 85 Euros. I am posting pics on my Instagram @ianandrewnyc if you want to see. I was impressed. Great 5 Euro cava's were suggested that made my day. Best food value ever!

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        Have you been to either Hisop or Llamber? How would these compare?