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May 10, 2007 05:37 AM

The Tides, Nahant: Great Views, but....

sadly, the food is no better than average. We went last night for the first time in awhile, and everything, from the mojito to the chicken quesadillas to the mussels in beer to the lobster pizza, was middling at best. A shame, since the views are simply incredible, especially at dusk.

Last summer we went there for a couple of beers (no food); I'm thinking that that may have been the right move. Oh well, it was definitely a nice night to be dining on the water, though.

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  1. I'm relatively sure I went there this February for lobsters, and they were fine and cheap. The salads were the size of my head, and the beers were cold. Fried scallops were well received also. Not sure if anything other than fryer/broiler/steamer dishes has the staying power though.

    1. Can you be a little more specific than "middling at best"? Maybe lobster pizza is not always easy to pull off, but it bothers me to hear that the mussels in beer was not satisfactory in someone's opinion. So what was not good about any of those dishes? I like to go there once in a while and have not previously had a problem with the food, so some selective ordering might be the way to enjoy this place.

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        I can personally comment on the quesadillas and lobster pizza--the quesadillas were slightly undercooked and some of the chicken was gristly. The pizza itself was not all that great--rather doughy, runny sauce, way too much cheese, etc. (The lobster meat was all right, though.) I didn't try the mussels in beer; my S.O. thought they were ok, but she has had mussels at perhaps 15–20 restaurants this year, and she just didn't find the dish to be quite up to the level of some of the best she's had.

        It wasn't a terrible meal by any means, and I would probably go back again for a burger or maybe a steak, but it just didn't make for a memorable meal.

        What are some of your favorite dishes there? If there's something that particularly stands out, I'd be up for heading back there and trying it.

        1. re: hiddenboston

          My GF lives in Nahant and we go to the Tides more than I care to, mainly for the convenience. The main reason I don't like going there is the noise level in the place, especially at prime time when the families are there with the kids. I'm father too, so I have nothing against children, but this place gets really loud.
          After a few poor cooked meals I now stick to salads, or sandwiches that do not have to be cooked. I like the Chili, and the chowder is pretty good too.

          1. re: hiddenboston

            I too go there more often than I'd like -- it's the only bar in Nahant (where I live).

            As for what to eat: it's not exactly a culinary high-point, but some of the food is passable. I've found most dishes to be either severely undercooked or overcooked.

            The ravioli dishes are pretty good (lobster ravioli in cream sauce with lobster meat; eggplant ravioli in red sauce with italian sausage; prosciutto/cheese ravioli in cheese/cream sauce with chicken, mushrooms and broccoli). Ask for the ravioli well-done or else it'll be verrry al dente. The quesadilla, as mentioned, is often not-quite-done, but when done right I like the veggie one (mushrooms, onions, peppers). I also like the steak and cheese sub with mushrooms - nothing awesome, but a big, filling, messy sandwich. Those are pretty much the only things I eat there - occasionally the tuna wrap (I've been wanting to ask if they'll make me a tuna melt, but haven't yet) or the garden burger.

            The only salmon I've had there has been cooked to the point of unrecognizability. Never again. A friend likes their steaks - but then again he asks for medium-well. They can't do rare or medium-rare on a bet. I haven't tried the pizzas yet - maybe next time.

            In all, it's tolerable bar food, but if there were any other options in Nahant I'd be there in a second.

            1. re: LauraB56

              I have to agree with a lot of the comments here about the food! I really enjoy the bar area and have always had great service however, the food is so so. You can't really screw up nachos, so I often get that to accompany great martini's. Do not ever ever get the Salmon. I was dumb enough to try it for a second time. It was very over done. I would recommend the pizza if you like it doughy and cheesy! I love the buffalo chicken pizza and the steak and cheese is good too.

            2. re: hiddenboston

              In general, we trend to stick to the seafood – fried clams, calamari, fisherman’s platter (good for splitting). I have not ordered lobster pizza because I know Lydia Shire doesn’t work there and her lobster pizza is hard to match. The lobster ravioli is good. I’ve heard good things about the lobster casserole, but haven’t tried it. If the quesadillas are not done well, do you think it’s because they are trying to do too many things? They might be better off to stick to the more straightforward seafood dishes, sandwiches and pasta, things that go well with the cold beers.

              1. re: Boatrocker

                I agree. I think perhaps they should streamline their menu, especially since so many people are wandering up from the beach at the end of the day and just want a burger, fried clams, or some pub grub.

          2. Agree re/ the views at the tides. Would never consider it a "destination restaurant", but rather you are hungry and it is the closest place to eat. Used to live in the area (prior to moving to downtown Boston 6 years ago) and there are not lots of options....after a long day at the office, and leaving the city....did not want to have to drive far "for sustinance". Used to go to the Red Rock Bistro a lot (do not know if they are still there). Ok food, but the views were good.