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May 10, 2007 04:53 AM

The Best Burger in Kingston...

,,,perhaps in the Tri-State area.

I need to take my camera with me the next time I go, since you won't believe what I am about to write...

My favorite burger is the cheeseburger at the Armadillo Bar and Grill, 97 Abeel Street, Kingston, 845-339-1550,

Large, hand formed patty, two kinds of cheese, perfect soft toasted bun, steak fries, and made the way you like it (I prefer medium rare). If you like it spicy, you can have it with some jalapeno mayonnaise (which is a nice dipping sauce for the fries, too.) Great service, nice atmosphere.

I'm lucky that I live so close. Despite the Armadillo being a Tex-Mex restaurant, I find myself having the burger nine times out of ten, since there is nothing to compare within a hundred miles (yes, I have been to Donovans and Shake Shack and Burger Joint).

They are only open for lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and for dinner Tuesday through Sunday, so you might want to call first to check that they don't have a special party or such.

Really, I'll work on photos for a followup posting.

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  1. usually, when i go, i get the tuna or enchilada del mar, though i haven't had a bad meal there. a couple questions (since i'm coming from near poughkeepsie):

    how does it compare to the racoon saloon (marlboro)?
    since you mentioned nyc places, how does it compare to corner bistro, circa 10 years ago, NOT during peak bar times?

    the first time we stopped in there, i said to my wife it was lucky we didn't live around the corner, or i'd be drinking and eating there all the time. but i do wish it was closer...

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      I have been to the Raccoon Saloon a couple of times. Neither time was I impressed enough to want to stop again. I do realize that they continually receive praise as the best burger in the Mid Hudson Valley, but I find the burger to be without taste (kind of like a Mickey D's cheeseburger.)

      And, sorry, haven't been to the corner bistro at all, although have heard that it is one of the top 10 (or 100) in NYC.

      I have my camera in my car, so the next time I drop in for a burger, I'm taking pictures! :)

    2. As promised, pictures of the burger in question. The relish tray and chips and red and green dipping sauces are complimentary. The burger was ordered medium rare and came that way. The sunglasses were intentionally left in the photo to convey the size of the meal.


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      1. re: georgeb

        Let me try again with a smaller version... :)

        1. re: georgeb

          I'm drooling - great pics - can't wait to go there!

          1. re: swarttav

            Looks good, I used to live there. When I visit though, I get dragged to a friends sister's restaurant which used to be good when there was a CIA grad working there, but now it's inedible, so I need to sneak off to the Armadillo.