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May 10, 2007 01:48 AM

Gaucho Grill in Pasadena

after walking through the main drag and not finding much of interest, we settled on Gaucho Grill. i vaguely recalled it being a chain which can be a huge no-no, but hunger prevailed and we bit the bullet. the chimchurri sauce that comes with the bread was great. unfortunately they use horrible bread that is best used for croutons. we ordered the filet mignon and some chicken dish with a wine and garlic sauce. the chicken had a very boring taste and the filet was over-cooked and tough. the restaurant was nice and the atmosphere of being so close to the sidewalk was cool, but unfortunately the overall atmoshphere wasn't worth the mediocre food. i might have visited on an off day because i commonly see positive reviews on all of the gaucho grills, but personally i was dissapointed with their food.

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  1. been in your shoes before and had a similar experience at that location (and others). Gaucho Grill always seems like one of the "least-worst" options in the restaurant chain world, but it the food is consistently bad. unfortunate too, because the menu is SO simple that one would think its easy to get it kind of right.

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      The one in Brentwood is good and reasonably priced for that area. Been twice (for business dinners) in the last month.

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        We were heading to the Brentwood location last week, but were put off by the B rating when we got there.

    2. If you want similar food of higher quality, and lower prices, I highly recommed a restaurant called "LaLa's." One location is on Melrose, and the other is on Ventura Blvd. in the valley. Lala's chimchurri is outstanding!

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        Have to second Lala's -- it is much better than Gaucho Grill -- authentic Argentinian food. Try it you'll like it. Have been to both locations and always consistent. Inexpensive for the generous portions.