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May 9, 2007 11:46 PM

Hattiesburg- Meridian- Tuscaloosa - B'ham-Chatanooga-Knoxville-Harrisonburg

Making a road trip back home from NOLA to NJ and have already received some great sounding ideas but I think I will be taking my time on this trip and could probably use some more stops along the way. Fairly fast, inexpensive, and delicious are all major pluses.

Willing to go slightly off the beaten path if the place is a knock out. I love food and whenever I hear some place is the best, I have been known to do almost whatever it takes to get a taste. I will most likely be by myself for this journey so I dont need any fancy places or 3 course meals. Especially looking for great BBQ, meat and 3, possible dessert places (possibly pie, bakery, or ice cream shops) for quick pick up and eat snacks along the way, hidden gems, and down right can't be missed stops. Breakfast Lunch and Dinner are good because I have no idea when I'll be passing through each of these areas.

Thanks for all previous suggestions and any new light that can be shed on these areas.

If you ever have questions about places like this in NOLA...that is my specialty.

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    I made a similar query awhile back and here's what the MS hounds had to say.I will add ;in Northport Al[a moment from Tuscaloosa]is the finest barbecue I've found in North America:Archibalds

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      Did you go to any of the recommended places? If so, what did you think?

    2. Meat and threes are getting harder to come by. Too many Sysco food trucks delivering the same food to the same steam tables.

      On US 11W just past Rutledge TN, Ritter Farms has a meat and three for $5. Everytime we've eaten there it's excellent. And they do grow some of their 'threes'.

      Outside of Chattonooga the Chow Editor found one of the obscure and great catfish restaurants on the TN river (open TH, F and Sat )

      Take a look at Ridgewood BBQ just off I-26 in Bluff City TN. Different BBQ, but excellent. Their baked beans are the best we've ever eaten; two different cole slaws and husband and I seldom eat cole slaw (husband never except at Ridgewood),
      Then continue up 11E to Bristol and pass the Bristol Motor Speedway, Massive modern edifice in the middle of rolling fields.

      Going north, Michie Tavern near Monticello is a great experience.

      We have driven the Knoxville to New Orleans road probably 100 times (having property both places) and we miss the German restaurant in Meridien. I kind of look forward to other replies to see what we've missed.

      Totally different experience is lunch on the patio at the Hershey Hotel in Hershey PA. Fairly reasonable prices and we feel as if we're in the gilded age without the sticker shock of the credit card bill.