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May 9, 2007 09:53 PM

Late Breakfast or Lunch after UCLA graduation

Going down to Los Angeles for my niece's graduation and looking for someplace to celebrate afterwards. Her commencement exercises are supposed to finish around 10:00am. Looking for something nice, but not ridiculously expensive. Type of food is open to just about anything. Would prefer something not too far from Westwood - maybe 20 -30 minutes at most, but will travel farther if it seems worthwhile. There will be about 15 of us in the group. As I am not really familiar with restaurants in the area, any help you can give me would be appreciated. TIA

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  1. Westwood itself will be crazy. I'd try getting into the Restaurant at the Getty. I think getting out of Westwood proper itself is gonna be nuts, so I'd plan on not getting to a restaurant until 11 or 1130, in which case, you'll have plenty of "lunchtime" options.

    If you head over to Venice, you've got 26 Beach, Joe's (pricier), Rose Cafe (I like this idea), Lily's French Cafe (nice patio if you can get it), or Primitivo.

    You might try somewhere in Brentwood, like Amici, which is less pricey than Vincenti. Divino on Barrington Ct might be another option away from the masses.

    You could also head down to Santa Monica to somewhere like Border Grill or i Cugini or Locanda del Lago (pricier); Chez Mimi and Chez Jay would also be nice options.

    Congrats on the graduation, and I hope that gives you an array of possibilities!

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      26 Beach, in the garden, if they can do that many, make a reservation.


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        I also recommend 26 Beach. I love that place.

        I also like Lilly's & Gardens on Glendon. Add to that Palomino which, like Gardens, is also right in Westwood.

        Chez Jay is great but is a bit of a dive, so beware!

      2. The Gardens on Glendon in Westwood woud be my first choice. The service is very professional and friendly;;the patio room is great for a group and the food is terrific, Highly recommended. Did an event here recently and was very pleased. Start with the table-side quaqamole. It's great Restaurant is within walking distance of UCLA and they have valet parking. Enjoy! Wonderful menu.

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          I was going to suggest The Gardens too. I had lunch there once and the thing that really stood out was the guacamole. It's good.

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            If you go to The Gardens, you MUST try their guacomole. Freshest I've ever had!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I know I'll get flamed for this with critics saying anything other than San Gabriel Valley is a waste of time, but consider VIP Seafood for the only dim sum on the westside very close to UCLA on the second level of the minimall on Wilshire at Barrington. Definitely not expensive. Very fun cart service for those unaccustomed to dim sum. Can handle all size groups. I think they open on weekends at about ten, and usually don't get crowded and backed up until closer to noon. The standard dim sum dishes are represented and competently done, and the service is accommodating compared to
            most SGV palaces.

            I really like the Restaurant at the Getty for some occasions, especially for out-of-towners who will enjoy the views and might go there anyway. But it really is a destination, albeit very close by just off the 405 north of Sunset. With the potentially confusing highway exits into the parking, then the elevators and the tram, you need to be a bit flexible as to time, everyone should bring cell phones, and I'm not sure when the Restaurant begins service. Might be better for the day before or after the graduation.

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              Stay far, far away from VIP Seafood!!! It has probably the worst dim sum in the city.

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                Thanks for all the suggestions and recommendations. Will check into a few and see if we can get in. 26 Beach or maybe someplace in Santa Monica sounds good. Will try the Restaurant at the Getty another time. Still open to more suggestions in case these don't work out. Thanks again.