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May 9, 2007 09:39 PM

Help me pick the resto for Birthday Dinner! (wd~50?)

I'm a young foodie, so I tend not to eat at the big shots often, if ever. For my big 2-1, my fam said let's go out to dinner somewhere really nice, you pick, anywhere, within reason. So no Per Se, Masa or $60 entrées (family of five three-course meal at those prices is just too much).

First idea I had was wd~50 because it's supposedly so innovative, and really unusual. My mother said it friend called it "too weird." But I have an interest in the weird. I'm leaning towards Western food over Eastern food. And it shouldn't be too noisy.

Was also considering eleven madison park, Gotham Bar & Grill, Lever House (partially for the architecture), davidburke&donatella (where my friend is a reservationist), etc...

Suggestions anyone?

And oh, anywhere in NYC, Manhattan preferred.

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  1. If you're a foodie, I wouldn't call WD-50 too weird at all, especially if you don't do the tasting menu. Since you're turning 21, I'd recommend the tasting menu with wine. It'll also end up being cheaper than my 2nd choice, which would be Eleven Madison.

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    1. re: streamwise

      maybe less expensive, but not nearly so celebratory, inho! for a big birthday dinner, I'd pick Eleven Madison Park every time!

      1. re: ChefJune

        I had a great birthday experience at Blue Hill this year.

        1. re: zoeterry

          Interesting! Forgot about Blue Hill---the all-Hudson Valley food seems like a fun idea for a family that prides itself on a small lake house in the region before it was the cool new artsy destination. If I choose something more quaint/intimate, this could be great.

          1. re: jb8765

            Mas (farmhouse) is amazing.I went there with my whole family (7) last year and we had an excellent time. Wonderful service and not insanely expensive.