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May 9, 2007 09:19 PM

Richmond – Pacific East Mall - J & S Coffee & Tea House – Ham, pork ear & pork patty sandwich

Pork three-ways … so to speak.

So … has anyone tried this? Yeah, I gotta guess if anyone did, they aren’t alive to tell the tale.

Besides the above sandwich they also have sandwiches dedicated to each of the piggy parts solo, BBQ chicken and veggie … kind of anti-climatic after that pig-o-rama combo. From the pictures they look like banh mi.

I’m not sure if these are on the week-end only food or sold all week.

There’s a little food counter at the door with a tray of display food. On the week-ends they sell …

Hong Kong fish balls (regular and shai mai)
Hong Kong dace (a fish I think)
Hong Kong sweet squid
Vietnamese shrimp spring rolls

Hong Kong-style egg waffles (regular, coconut-sesame and pandan leaf)
Hong Kong egg puffs (same three flavors. The pandan are a lovely green)

I think they always sell shrimp meat balls, fish meat balls and lobster meat balls. I'm guessing the giant toast (with peanut, sesame, coconut, garlic butters, strawberry jam, chocolate or condensed milk) is available daily too.

Every day they sell sushi. It is pre-packaged stuff that looks what is sold in the supermarket. It’s in a little refrigerated case. After 8 pm it is 50 % off. At 2pm this stuff wasn’t looking too appealing.

Double Rainbow Ice Cream is sold and there are one or two Asian flavors like lychee.

There’s coffee and espresso drinks using Illy coffee.

Of course their reason for being is the long (105) list of milk teas, smoothies and bubble teas. All drinks come without pearls. There is a 50 cent extra charge to add tapioca.

I’m leaning toward trying the rose milk tea which is supposed to have real petals in it.

There are about 10 small tables in this tiny shop. So small … so fully packed.

Any thoughts about J & S? How’s the food? Any recommendations?

J & S Coffee & Tea House

3288 Pierce St Ste C116
Richmond, CA 94804
(510) 528-8183

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  1. The ham, pork ear and pork patty sandwich seems like an attempt to translate a combination bahn mi to English. I might change it to ham (ham),pig's head (head cheese), pork patty (sometimes called "fancy pork").

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    1. re: srr

      Ah !!! still a little pork-heavy, but I'm more likely to try it. Tho all the Pacific East Mall signs are in English there are a number of sometimes amusing translation errors.

    2. I've never tried J&S's banh mi sandwiches, but I've had their boba drinks and they're quite good. It's the hippest place within the Pacific East mall to get boba drink.. (see the variety of youthful fashionistas that patron the place.) In addition, they sell Illy Espresso.. my fave.

      Sheng Kee Bakery in Pacific East Mall also sells a version of banh mi sandwiches, and they're located on top of the cake display. I remember them being very good..with head cheese, gia lua, pickled veggies, cilantro, and jalepeno slices.

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      1. re: Sophia C.

        I've tried the banh mi (chicken). I really didn' t like it. They serve the chicken in some sort of sweet sauce. I guess the banh mi place in the Peppermint Plaza will have to do for a quick fix. I agree that they have a pretty vast choice of boba drinks!

      2. I agree, this place has the yummiest milk teas w/boba in the mall. The other place you mentioned in another post has really good tea, but their boba (bubble) is not chewy enough. I also like the slushies at this place and also the fact they have the option to put lychee jellies in your drink. It's a very "in" thing in Taiwan. The spring rolls are very mediocre, and I've never had the sandwiches, but you are right, the sushi is a definite pass (tasted super pre-packaged)...but the special waffles and the egg puffs (is that what they are called? i thought they were egg pancakes? maybe not...) are way yummy! i always have to stop into this place when i'm at this mall!

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        1. re: lj2899

          Thanks !!! Do you have a favorite drink flavor/combo? The waffles did look good. Will have to try the green ones.

          1. re: rworange

            Coconut-pandan-sesame waffle is awesome. Didn't like the egg puffs as much, found the waffle texture/shape more pleasing. I like the black tea/tangerine and recently had a black tea with yogurt cultures that was very good, as well. I've had other flavors, too, but those are the ones that stand out in my mind. Sometimes I get a skewer there, also, but the waffle is the best, food-wise.

            1. re: rworange

              Some of my favorite drink combos there: any of the slushies w/lychee jellies added, lychee milk tea w/boba, actually every one of their milk teas have been good. I say go with a friend, so you can each try something different and share. Too bad this couldn't be like wine and they could do a spread for some newcomers and do a "tasting"

          2. I just got back from here... however, something is amiss. J & S doesn't have any of food stuff you mentioned... they have the boba tea drinks and ice cream and the Illy coffee, but that's about it. The place across the way, called Hong Kong Snacks, has the food, waffles, egg puffs, crepes, etc. Don't know if something's changed since this post or if you just got them mixed up.

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            1. re: chemchef

              You got tangled in the wrong thread. That was last year this is now.

              1. re: wolfe

                No, I was talking about J & S with respect to what rw talks about above. I'm in the right thread.

                1. re: chemchef

                  Yes but that was last year. Hong kong snacks is new only a few months old.

                  1. re: wolfe

                    I realize that the post was from last year. I did not know that Hong Kong snacks was new. However, the point was that J & S no longer has the waffles, or any other food for that matter (except ice cream, from what I could tell). They just serve the tea drinks and Illy coffee. Maybe the two places are owned by the same people and they just decided to move the food to Hong Kong Snacks. I don't know. All I know is that I went to J & S looking for Hong Kong waffles and I did not find them there.

                    1. re: chemchef

                      Silly me I just assumed that you read the thread you started.

                      1. re: chemchef

                        Enough already, you two. Did you try the eggettes at Hong Kong Snacks per the pointer from rworange?

                        J & S Coffee & Tea House
                        3288 Pierce St # C116, Richmond, CA

                        Hong Kong Snack House
                        3288 Pierce St, Richmond, CA

                        1. re: Melanie Wong

                          So far there are 2 reviews from last year from a place that no longer makes them and sightings but no reviews from HKS.

                          1. re: wolfe

                            OK, mini-report: Avoid the #33 (Hong Kong Squid).

                            I was at Pacific East today and stopped into HKS on a whim. Since I'm a big fan of tentacles, when the above caught my eye on the menu, I had to give it a try. I was, to put it politely, disappointed.

                            Perhaps squid on the border between "woefully undercooked" and "raw" is traditional HK cuisine (I wouldn't know), but it definitely doesn't appeal to me. One of the few times I've ever failed to eat everything I ordered. But it was only $2 wasted.

                            I'm not turned off on HKS, though. I will try some other goodies in the future.

                            1. re: Solop

                              So I couldn't stand this anymore and went today

                              So, were those actual tenticle-on squid or squid balls? I didn't see them on the menu today.

                              1. re: rworange

                                Actual tentacle-on squid, albeit snipped into bite-sized pieces. #33 on the menu. Maybe too many other people had the same reaction that I did, and they yanked it from the menu.

                                Squid balls. Hmm, sounds interesting, though I'd miss the tentacles.

                          2. re: Melanie Wong

                            Yes, I did try them. I will report soon... too busy right now.

                            1. re: chemchef

                              You are going to let a little thing like planning your husband's graduation party interfere with an eggette report. Where are your priorities?:-)

                2. Even though I've sworn off pork this descriptive review might tempt me to try some of the piggy parts. Consider this your bad deed for the day.