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May 9, 2007 08:47 PM

Richmond – Pacific East Mall - Candy Box

Very cool to me, shop selling various bagged and bulk Asian candies, Jelly Bellies and toys.

Impressive selection of gummi candies including Asian flavors like guava, litchi, guava-strawberry.

There were crazy eggs, dinosaur eggs, xtreme air heads, tomato candy, hot cracker shrimp, rice cracker creamy candy, jumbo sweet plum, olive with seed candy, juicy red roses.

There were some sugared dried fruit-like candy ... preserved sweet date, preserved guava, jumbo sweet plum, dried mango, etc.

And there was the more mundane stuff like malted chocolate balls and jawbreakers … though in addition to the jaw breakers that looked too big to fit in a jaw they had tiny psycho jaw breakers. Some of that stuff is worth buying for the name alone.

Anyone have any recs?

Also, while the candy was labeled in English, the shop owner didn’t speak a word. Did I misunderstand or is the bulk candy $9 a pound? That was the deal breaker for me otherwise I’d be munching on xtrem air heads right now.

Candy Box

3288 Pierce St Ste A108
Richmond, CA 94804
(510) 525-1009

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  1. I would not doubt that bulk candy there was 9 bucks considering it's that much at the movie theatres I think that includes the dried plums, olives etc. which are typically priced as such per pound. I say skip all the regular candy and give the litchi gummies a try (mango is yummy too), as well as an assortment of the dried plums and olives just to get a taste and see if you like sour, sweet, powdered sugar-covered, etc.

    1. Rworange,
      did u see dried sugar-preserved ginger from Hong Kong, sold in a small tub? I love that stuff though it's hard to find at my local 99Ranch.

      if you see Meiji Meltykiss chocolates (from Japan) buy them. They are delicious.
      Limster's post on them:

      Kasugai gummy Muscat (green grape juice) candy is pretty good, sold in a small bag.

      Cubyrop fruit flavored candy (from Japan) is tasty.

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      1. re: hhc

        There were so many packages and items jammed in the store, I only focused on the bin candy. I'll look next time I go and try some of the candy suggested in this thread.

        Does it have to be in the plastic tubs? It is not from Hong Kong, but I think I saw some surger preserved ginger at a store in the mall selling Taiwanese preserved fruit.