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May 9, 2007 08:45 PM

Calling all summer salads!

OK, We are cleaning up the grill, sprucing up the deck, feeling peppy in the warm spring air: so what are are best ideas for summer salads???

Give up some ideas of what works for about some new ideas you have had.

Summer awaits.

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  1. My favorite salad is greens or spinach, pickled beets, goat cheese, and pine nuts.

    A salad-like side dish that comes to mind is one of my favorites come from one of the Silver Palate cookbooks. It contains:
    Coucous plumped with veg broth (I use chicken)
    chopped toasted walnuts (I toast them quite thoroughly so they stay somewhat crunchy)
    chopped parsley
    juice and rind of an orange
    dried cranberries

    Delicious! And it's good at room temp; actually better than straight out of the fridge.

    1. cantaloupe, smoked salmon and mint
      watermelon, feta, black olives and mint
      couscous with tons of shredded parsley, mint and basil
      pickled carrot shreds with cumin, ginger and rosewater
      blanched green beans or asparagus with hard-boiled egg shredded over
      nicoise salad
      citrus salad
      strawberry, kiwi and poppyseed
      watercress with preserved lemon and toasted almonds or pistachios
      roasted peppers with olives and goat cheese

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      1. re: hotoynoodle

        I like the sound of that cantalope, salmon and mint. Do you add anything else at all? Olive oil or anything?

      2. I make a cold asparagus salad that is just divine and can be prepared ahead:
        It is a very simple vinaigrette but it is really refreshing cold and does get better with a few hours in the fridge.


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        1. re: daily_unadventures

          that sounds great- how much asparagus is used for the vinaigrette? I'm just wondering if I should double it for a large quantity of asparagus.

          1. re: pamd

            It makes quite a bit, I always have extra - which I quite like. In the past I have used I would say about a 3" in diameter bundle? Apparently I don't think in actual mass...

            1. re: daily_unadventures

              thanks Katerina- the asparagus salad was great, some people asked for the recipe!

        2. I make a vinegar based potato salad with bacon and blue cheese that I got off Epicurious a few years ago. As soon as the waether gets warm, my hubby and all my friends demand that I make it. Hope you like it.

          1. A household favorite among my family is blached green beans that are shocked then cut into thirds, tomato wedges, red onion "pickled" in red wine vinegar with nutmeg and a simple vinagraitte of red wine vin. and olive oil, s&p.