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Downtown MSP recs - but not quite the best

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We are going to the symphony on Saturday night (actually have a babysitter for once!). We were planning on eating downtown and are still pretty new to the MSP area. The goal is to find a place within a 15-20 minute walk of the symphony and no more than $15-20 per entrée. I know there are some outstanding choices in town (Alma, LBV, etc) but they would be out of the price range. I know Vincent would fit my location criteria but also too much $$$. 112 Eatery is full that night (should have planned more in advance). Any recommendations? Almost any type of cuisine would be fine. Thanks for the help!

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  1. Try Zelo, just 3-4 blocks north of Orchestra Hall on Nicollet Ave. Nice fish & pasta dishes, and fits nicely in your range.

    1. I have a few thoughts:

      1) The bar at Vincent. We love going there for a more casual meal more in the low teens for entrees. The burger is fantastic, as are the scallops.
      2) Solera. The food can be up and down, but I think it is generally pretty good.
      3) Eat Street, There are always all of the options on Eat Street (Jasmine, Quang, Christos) for good cheap dining. Then it is a quick 5 minute trip downtown.

      I would go with number 1.

      By the way, I think the prices at Zelo are going to be north of your price range.

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        I just ate at Zelo this past weekend and can confirm that the entrees are north of $20. However, the pastas, salads, and pizzas were all about $15-20.

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          I'd second zelo - easy walk, great food, reasonable prices.

          Avoid the Newsroom - decent for drinks, food blech

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        I had typed Willie's Wine Bar as a recommendation, but they closed permanently on Sunday, April 29.

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          Please see my post about FireLake on this board today.

        2. If you're willing to be a little creative, you could probably come up with a nice meal in your budget at The Oceanaire. We've done this a few times, here's how: Share an entree.

          For two of us, a starter (don't miss the crab cakes, and ask the person in the coat check for the recipe if you want a copy), side dish, shared entree (and maybe shared dessert - free for birthdays or anniversaries) makes a very nice meal at one of the area's best without breaking the bank.

          They have always been fantastic about splitting entrees between two plates for no extra charge (in fact, it was one of their waiters who suggested it to us). The entree portions are huge - the split entree seems to be closer to a portion size I'd call reasonable. As long as you and your date have similar tastes, you'll do well.

          1. Just up Nicollet mall a block or so is the Local, one of the best Irish pubs in town with better than pub quality food. I think within your walking distance limit is Ike's on 7th St. between Nicollet and Hennepin, with some great steak and seafood apps and entrees that fit your $ limit. And, if you're willing to go as far as 112, Cafe Brenda is a little closer and not as crowded, as is Nami Sushi and Koyi Sushi around 3rd St and 1st Ave.

            If you do head south to Eat Street, New Delhi at 14th St. would be my rec - nice somewhat romantic ambience, good food, and a great, fully-stocked bar.

            1. Just across Peavey Plaza from Orchestra Hall is Brit's Pub. Good stuff. The shepherd's pie is good, as are the bangers and mash. The fish 'n' chips are a favorite of mine. Dessert anything is great, and being a British place, the beer is excellent. Get there early, it's always crowded. Good enough that the orchestra musicians and conductors have been known to hang out there after a concert ;)

              1. I would second Britt's Pub, but also try a burger at Ike's, on Sixth, just off Nicollet, toward Hennepin. Best burgers downtown, possibly, besides Vincent, which is more of a gourmet burger, but as they said, you have to sit at the bard there, but its worth it too.

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                  I love it. Those are all fantastic suggestions! I am looking up each of the menus to try to narrow down the choices. Firelake looks like it has the most tempting menu (to me), but it sounds like people either love it or hate it. Zelo's looks like great ambiance and good menu, tentatively holding a reservation there.

                2. Masa.

                  It is across the street from Orchestra Hall, the most expensive entree (the ribeye) is $20 (I believe all are definitely in your price requirement) and while the menu is a la carte, the accoutrements are unnecessary in my opinion. As long as you don't go overboard with the margaritas and borolos, you will be A-OK. Have fun!

                  http://www.masa-restaurant.com/cuisin... (no prices)