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May 9, 2007 07:40 PM

Richmond – Pacific East Mall - Sheng Kee Bakery … piroshki & sun cake

Has anyone tried the sun cake here? That’s why I went, but it seems they are boxed and a bigger commitment than I wanted to make

Has anyone tried them? Do other bakeries sell them as singles?

More on sun cakes on the general board.

Instead I tried …

Sweet potato toast – really a buttery, braided roll with mashed sweet potatoes spread on layers of the roll. Quite good and recommended.

Hot dog onion roll – a dinner roll in a clover shape with a piece of hot dog in each of the four ‘leaves’ and topped with a green onion spread. I liked this too. It is really the definition of junk food, and satisfying in that way. We are not talking artisan doggy here.

Green Tea jelly roll slice: They had a lot of these sponge cake slices in various flavors. The strawberry and orange were tempting, but the deep olive-green tea slice just looked good and was. Not much green tea flavor but the cake had a really nice dense, almost moist texture and the filling not only had cream but beans.

At 8 pm they discount two shelves of buns … 2 for $1.25.

Other items that were tempting: Tuna bun, unrefrigerated napoleon, pineapple custard bun, apple turnovers, moon buns filled with vanilla custard, Portuguese egg tarts, regular egg tarts … well, almost everything … I like Taiwanese bakeries a lot.

The web site says they have piroshki, but this branch doesn’t carry it. Does anyone know of any Sheng Kee that makes piroshki … and how is it?

There is mention of a café on the website. This shop is only a bakery. Which shops have a café and is it any good?

They also have a few hot pastries like curry horns, chicken pie turnovers, etc.

The website link below has some of the baked goods. They have those loaves of Taiwanese breads (called toast) that I like so much … plain and in flavors like red bean, cheee, taro, pork sung, coconut, custard and pineapple custard. They also have raisin bread and a challah-like egg bread.

In 99 Ranch across the way, there is a Sogo bakery. I liked the Sogo on Warm Springs Road in Fremont next to Lion a whole lot, but the Richmond Sogo doesn’t look as good and doesn’t have as large a selection as Sheng Kee.

The website says the original Sheng Kee opened in a small village in Taipei in 1952. The mother of five named it sheng kee which means "For a Living"

When the children grew up, they expanded the business. The site says …

“We still search the world and bring you things like rich chocolate from Denmark, creamy butter from the south of France, fresh, tangy fruit fillings from Germany”

Sheng Kee Bakery

3288 Pierce St Ste C133
Richmond, CA 94804
(510) 558-8807

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  1. Interesting about the sweet potato toast - I haven't been to Sheng Kee in the past few months. It sounds somewhat like the taro braid with a light dusting of coconut that I really like from the Sheng Kee on Irving St. in SF.

    The Milpitas branch of Sheng Kee used to have a cafe/restaurant.

    1. Sun Cake! Yum. Yes, there are other bakeries who sell them as singles...if I remember correctly I did have a single one from Sheng Kee once. They are good, but not worth buying a box if you ask me. There are other items there that are better. The pineapple custard is really good, but only if you buy them fresh while the topping is still crusty...if you buy them towards the end of the day, the top is a little soggy and just not what it's about if you ask me. They do a good job with the pastry part of their hot pastries, but the fillings do leave something to be desired..but still better than others I've had, I guess. I'd say skip the bakery in Ranch 99 altogether and go right to Sheng Kee b/c in general the quality of the items at Sheng Kee seem to be much better. You mentioned the onion and hot dog bun...if you liked that, you should definitely try the onion bread (basically same dough but no hot dog and more onion). This is what we used to eat back in Taiwan and they do a good job of it, just make sure you eat it fresh or else the topping sets and the butter overwhelms the bread. Another favorite of ours is the triangle sponge cake...that come in a half vanilla/half strawberry or half chocolate/half mocha and half vanilla/half mocha combinations. they're always a hit, even a few days later. I think they also do a chocolate custard pastry of some sort and it's great! Oh and in regards to which Sheng Kee's have a cafe, I believe the one at McCarthy Ranch in Milpitas has one, but that was a while ago and may have changed. Did I cover everything?

      1. Interesting that during my January trip to Taipei, Sheng Kee was nowhere to be found. Competition is fierce for great quality bakeries and their offerings over there, to the point where it is cutting edge/fusion with lots of Japanese bakery influences. Even a run of the mill bakery over there surpasses some of the best of what the Bay Area can offer.

        It also seems that every Sheng Kee (and Sogo Bakery) location has different offerings (some might be better tasting than others for something similar but I can't tell you which one), much like the Ten Ren Tea store drinks. Finding which store specializes in what is going to be quite the challenge. I suppose each chef for the locations is trained in some form on the basics (like plain bread/loaves etc) but what they end up making buns wise or cakes is up to them.

        Never tried Sun Cake at any Sheng Kee or local bakery, but for very good quality pre-packaged boxes from the supermarket, the Shin Dong Yang (Sun Dong Yeung) brand is excellent. Not always available though, but I managed to find some a few months ago at Marina Foods in San Mateo/Foster City. The flakier (and messier when you eat) the better.