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May 9, 2007 07:23 PM

brown sugar emergency

i'm making banana bread and just realized i don't have light brown sugar. do you think i could use demamara? thanks for any advice!

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  1. That would be fine. Slightly richer taste -- which sounds yummy. The otehr alternative is to mix some molasses in with white sugar.

    1. Yes, I believe you can sub in demerara sugar, which will give you the same taste, but not the moisture. You can also combine white sugar and molasses (about a 6:1 ratio) for a better brown sugar substitute.

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      1. re: QueenB

        I've done this (molasses plus white sugar) -- don't remember the exact proportions, but it was an easy google -- and it worked just fine.

      2. thanks guys!! i'll report back.

        1. Your post reminds me of a banana bread recipe I want to try that specifically calls for demerara sugar. In case this emergency happens again (or on purpose!):

          1. so, i did a combination on 1/2 demerara and 1/2 granulated sugar with molasses (i just eye-balled it) and the banana bread turned out great. maybe if i did a side-by-side taste test i could tell the difference, but i'm happy. the funniest part? right after i mixed everything up, i found the brown sugar in my cabinet! oy. by the way, this recipe is "easy banana walnut bread" from the kng arthur flour whole grain book. it has only whole wheat flour and it is delicious. thanks again for quick responses!

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              I'm so glad to hear that! I'm still waiting for a good sale to get that cookbook, and I love hearing about the recipes and their deliciousness! By the way, was it a 'bread' style banana bread, or a 'cake' style? (I grew up with bread-style, but around here, "banana bread" means "banana pound cake".)

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                i think it would be a cake style. it was definitely a batter, not a dough. i've used the book a lot, mostly for scones and muffins, since i need breakfast i can grab in the morning, and everything has been really good. i made my my mom it for me for christmas...