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May 9, 2007 07:16 PM

Mexican Breakfast

I LOVE a good Mexican breakfast- huevos rancheros, Chorizo and eggs, etc. A buddy asked tonight were to go for one, and I was stumped. Typically, I get these dishes at non-mexican places.

Anyone have a favorite Mexican place for breakfast?

Anticipating the backlash: I'm confident these dishes are not truly Mexican, yes, they are probably an American bastardization of a Spanish-based, (Cortez the Evil) European influenced Cordon Bleu historic recipes. But I like them. thanks for your indulgence.


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  1. where are you in california? I know a few places that serves some good breakfasts
    in Fresno. and the best is in Selma at Sals.

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    1. Actually, you will find huevos rancheros and eggs with chorizo in Mexico, they just may not look exactly like what you get up here ;-)

      If you're in San Diego, try Perry's Cafe on the fringes of Old Town. One whole side of their menu is Mexican breakfasts. But be forewarned, Perry's is more or less a truck stop. Pretty good food, a lot of it, at easy prices. This would be Cal-Mex style food, relatively Americanized but that's okay, it's just a different genre.

      1. Super Cocina does a great job with Mexican breakfast. They have all the things you mentioned, and they do them very well. They also have excellent chilaquiles which should not be missed.

        They have huevos rancheros, Mexicana, salseados (which is my favorite), along w/ huevos con jamon, salchicha, nopales, or chorizo. Huevos salseados are eggs cooked to order topped with your choice of sauce from the numerous guisados. I always opt for the sauce from the puerco enchilado.

        Their chorizo and eggs are also very good. But definitely do not miss the chilaquiles!

        1. I'm a big fan of the breakfast burrito at Pannikins.

          1. El Cuervo in Hillcrest has chorizo and eggs, huevos rancheros. Can't vouch for them b/c I'm only there for lunch.