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Kubo Radio Delivery: Abysmal!

Hi all,

My dinner plans fell through, and ravished with nothing to eat, I made a fatal mistake: I ordered delivery from Kubo Radio.

I called around 5:15 PM and requested the duck burger, the onion rings, and the "Kubo Flaky" dessert. I was told by the friendly lady on the phone that the driver did not begin until 6:00, but the food would be at my place shortly after that point, and certainly before 6:30. (I live about a 10 minute drive away tops, so this sounded about right to me.) I did find this odd, seeing as they mention opening for dinner delivery at 5:00 PM on their menu, but I was excited to try the burger, so I agreed to wait.

Finally, at 7:20, I called them. A man on the phone told me that my food had left a long time ago, and told me he would phone the delivery man and then return my call. About five minutes later, my food arrived by an irritable, largely unapologetic man who had decided to let himself into my house via the unlocked front door after ringing the doorbell.

No return call from the restaurant itself, despite their promise. No apology, nothing.

The food - which by confession of the restaurant had been out and about for a long time - was room temperature and soggy by the time it arrived. The homemade potato chips had very little crunch and were just sweaty and distasteful. I couldn't eat them; at least my dog wasn't so picky, so they didn't go entirely to waste. The onion rings were also soggy and much of the breading was coming off, but they did taste good and went well with the spicy mayo accompaniment. The burger was good - although cooked to medium instead of medium rare as I had been told it would be - and the dessert portion was huge (especially for the reasonable price) and tasted alright, although not incredibly good.

All in all, I would never order from them again. A big disappointment, and by the time the food finally did arrive, I'd lost most of my interest in the meal out of frustration.

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  1. That's such a disappointment! If that was your only experience, I'd encourage you to eat at the restaurant (although, given your experience, I could understand your refusal). It's a while since I've been, but it was really pretty good, fun food. Your story about the b&e delivery man is appalling! Where the hell was he?

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      I don't know about the restaurant itself, I've been there twice and have had absolutely crummy service both times (the first is mentioned elsewhere on this board). The second time I was dragged in by a well-meaning friend who wanted a burger and baby cakes, and once again we were treated to sub par service (we were largely ignored for our stay), bland food and stale cupcakes...

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        I've been there a couple times. Don't understand what all the fuss is about.

      2. This is a "hyper-cool" restaurant with inattentive-to-bad service, inconsistent - but mainly poor - food, and tons of attitude.

        While you experience was undoubtedly sufficiently extreme as to be unusual, their reaction to it was completely in keeping with their vibe. (Essentially: So your dinner was a couple of hours late? So it wasn't any good? Big $%#@ deal. We probably had better things to do, like hang with our cool friends. You had the privilege, you lucky person, to order from us. Get your own life.)

        I live around the corner. I won't go back to Kubo. Likely ever.

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          I have to say that I have had a couple of great nights there, and I have never found the service to be anything except stellar.

          Perhaps they thought I was Mick Hucknall from Simply Red or something*

          I think it's a fun place where I go to drink lots of beer and sake, taste some interesting dishes, flirt with my dining partner and generally have a good old time.

          * denotes joke

          1. re: Non Doctor

            I found the sevice horrible (although friendly) when it first opened, but find it much better now. Friendly and efficient.

            1. re: DRD

              I have been there three times and always had poor to inattentive service, and food was mediocre. I've wanted to like it which is why I gave it three chances but I won't recommend it to anyone any more...

              1. re: echeng25

                This place is near my house...from all these reviews, it's stupid, I know, but I am tempted to go just to see if it's as bad as everyone says it is.
                Any recent updates?

        2. Wow, I've been there probably a dozen times and I've never had anything short of great service at both lunch and dinner times. Never ordered from there though

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            Apart from non-careing management, the driver is either incompetant, can't handle obscure side streets, or stopped off somewhere first. Management should back you up on this one, with a sheaf of coupons.

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              In my case (i.e. the original poster), I'm on Greenwood Ave. Certainly not an obscure side street, and not far from the restaurant, either.

          2. OK, my question is: why did you accept the delivery at all at that point?! I would have told them to keep it and shove it......well, you know. We are too polite in this city. We tip bad service and accept the unacceptable. Tell me Vorpal, tell me you didn't tip the driver and tell me you did call to complain to the owner....please!!!!

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              I would accept, because there was food after a complaint, and it is now 2.5 hours from the original hunger call.If it was me, I'd chalk it up to a bad choice, and learn from it. I'll bet Vorpal gave a considered response, but polite.

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                I accepted the food, although in retrospect I shouldn't have. I didn't provide any tip; the fact that the driver let himself into my house after ringing the doorbell wiped out the already tiny chance he had of getting anything. (He was literally standing in my front hall when I got downstairs a few seconds after the doorbell rang... it wasn't just a case of him opening the door.)

                I probably should have called the restaurant back, too. At that point, I guess frustration and hunger had me not thinking clearly.

                1. re: vorpal

                  Ok foodies...Kubo may be cool, hip but overall interesting (i enjoyed the original one much better!) The service is really hurtin' though. If you are going to attempt delivery...well that is a different ball game altogether! They are trying to run Kubo, Lil'Baci and Babycakes (inc. delivery?) all within one location...i say crazy!
                  Let me tell you my experience...
                  The real disaster is the next door venture, Lil'Baci.
                  Where do I begin? We were there for Sunday Brunch. It was the worst brunch i have had in the city...the service could use some serious defribillation. The antipasto plate was measly...the salami on the plate was cut so thin i could see through it, like host at church! There was perhaps 5 thin slices. There was about 3 tiny chunks of cheese and 2 thinly slices of pale prosciutto ($15??) The kicker though, they added our EXTRA antipasto choices on the same plate. Oh yes they did! They just threw the honey carrots/parnips in oil, right on top of the antipasto plate...it was really pathetic. The pizza i ordered with delicious Mozzarella di Bufala was tasteless, heavy with tomato sauce and i could barely see the mozzarella and the cost a whopping $14.50...If you are going to make italian pizza, then eat pizza from The Big Ragu or Terroni...they do it right!!
                  I had one slice of the pizza and could not bare anymore. The only thing Italian about Lil'Baci is their name. Leslievillians...please tell me you have more sense then to eat at this Faux italian eatery called Small Kisses??