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May 9, 2007 06:11 PM

Larkspur for 2 more nights...need some more recs


I am in Larkspur on business for another 2-3 days and I have exhausted options near the Marriott. I am willing to drive to somewhere else for a good meal but not too far as I have to get up real early to come into work in the morning. Thanks for any help!

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  1. Number of good restarants near Larkspur: Left Bank, Yankee Pier, Lark Creek Inn... Fork, Insalata (San Anselmo).

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      Hop on the 101 freeway in either direction and within 2 exits you'll hit the exits for either downtown Larkspur or downtown San Rafael. Both have plenty of options.

      In Larkspur, also add to the above list Picco and Picco Pizzeria.

      In San Rafael, check out Sol Food, Om, or Il Davide. All are within a block or two of 4th St (the main drag).

        1. re: cyleater

          Yes, there are SO many great restaurants in Larkspur!!! Picco Pizzeria has arguably some of the best pizza in the Bay Area! Picco, Left Bank, Yankee Pier, and Lark Creek Inn are all located on the same street (Magnolia) and all excellent choices. You can't go wrong.

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            Folks, has anyone trie Lark Creek lately? Pretty but the food is overpriced and I haven't seen a positive report on the board and even recently on Check Please the other two people who tried it thought 'eh'.

            Yeah ... search on San Rafael for more options. Threr's also Strawberry village off of 101 that has a few nice places ... Harmony excepted unless you are Bill Gates with money to burn.

            In San Rafael, Mezzo Mezzo has good Sicilian food

            1. re: rworange

              My last meal at Lark Creek Inn was "eh" too.

      1. Check out Picco in downtown Larkspur, small plates, excellent food and a great wine list. Also in Larkspur, Simmer, is worth trying. Left Bank is a chain that I don't care for, and Lark Creek Inn is expensive and hit or miss. Fork, in San Anselmo, is probably the best restaurant in Marin. Insalatas is also fantastic and right down the street from Fork. Both are a straight shot, west down Sir Francis Drake. I assume the Marriot is in Larkspur Landing, so you'll have to drive, or take a taxi to these places. Also in San Anselmo is AVA, which is relatively new, but very good. I live in S.A. by the way, so I've eaten at all of these places. I dont' think there's anything within walking distance of where you are worth trying. On the other hand, you're right across from the ferry terminal in Larkspur and you could always jump on a boat and go into SF. At the ferry terminal in SF is the Slanted Door, and a few blocks from there is Blvd, a SF institution.

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        1. re: winonerd

          Have you been to Fork with the recent umpteenth chef change?

          Hope you will do a separate post on AVA or at least post a little more about it in this thread.

          1. re: rworange

            Went to Fork last night. New menu. Now three categories: small, medium and large plates. Prices pretty much the same. We all had the five course menu. Still $46.00, pretty good. I doubt if Fork will every recapture the excitement of the early years with Scott Howard (although I was not in favor of the small plates concept), but maybe I just liked the selections better (clams and mussels, braised short ribs, sweeetbreads, duck confit, etc). All in all, the meal was OK. Great service, nice presentation, adequate portions considering. It is still a delightful, intime place that ranks at the top of Marin cuisine.

            1. re: rworange

              I have been to Fork recently and agree with OldTimer: it's still a wonderful restaurant, although maybe not reaching the heights of the Scot Howard days.

              I've been to AVA three or four times and I really like it. I've had many dishes and have yet to hit a clunker. The menu is relatively small and simple, leaning towards comfort food. They have a fried chicken dish that is unlike any I've ever had. I think they cook the chicken before frying, and it gives the meat a really unique texture. Even the hamburger is fantastic. The sides (one of which comes with each dish) have also all been great. Basically, it's a great casual spot with high quality food and a menu that is seasonal and changes regularly. It's also within walking distance from my house, so I suspect my wife and I will be semi regulars. If there's anything specific you want to know, just ask!

          2. Picco and Pizzeria Picco are both delicious. The pizzeria is more casual and offers really great thin crust pizza and organic soft serve ice cream (try the olive oil and sea salt soft serve, it's good i promise!). Picco Restaurant is of a more fine dining place, it's sensational. The food is pretty much all organic, and it's a share plates concept. The portions are actually much larger than traditional share plates places, and it's great for groups. Definitely check those two out while you're in larkspur.

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              I love Picco Pizza. I eat there every time I'm in Marin County. Fantastic Ceaser Salad, Pepperoni Pizza, and Strauss Soft Serve.

            2. Izzy's in Corte Madera for steaks, etc.
              Ward Street Cafe in Larkspur for lunch or dinner. Charming atmosphere and good food. IMHO more worthwhile than the over-rated Left Bank nearby.
              Tabla Cafe in Larkspur for Cal-Indian Fusion. Nice casual lunch spot.

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