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May 9, 2007 06:10 PM

After Work Girls Night / Mini Stagette

We are going out after work for 2 friends that are getting married...
Friday night, close to the financial core...Good food..Good
We want not stuffy...relaxed kinda venue

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  1. Try The Esplanade Bier Market - I think they have a live cover band there on the weekends. Lots of different beers on tap and a good menu of appetizers. Try the mussels & frites. Entrees start at around $25.

    Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar - They don't take reservations, but if you get there right at 5 PM you should be okay. Small plates of quality food and wines to go with.

    1. I would suggest dinner at Starfish.. sitting at the bar watching the shukers then head over to Laide for drinks..

      1. If you don't mind taking a short cab ride, you can go to the Drake Hotel. Decent food, fun atmosphere, great patio if it's nice out.

        1. maybe Doku 15, its very trendy, great martinis and good small plates ( but an emphasis on sushi style foods so if you dont like that, you might not like it there)

          1. Try the patio at Brassai on King just west of Spadina.