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Any one tried Palomino's Greenwich?

I have been reading about this restaurant. I love Sonora and Pacifico, this is by the same people, but supposedly "upscale Mexican".
Has anyone been or heard from anyone who has?

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  1. not a fan of this chefs food

    1. We were 2 couples, foodies, who have enjoyed the chef's other restaurants in Port Chester, Sonora and Pacifico. Palomino is more upscale in manor, in decor, but the menu does not feel Mexican as much as continental/Adriatic/Asian rim-ish, meaning very varied in ingredients and interesting. The tables are spaced nicely far apart, however the room is still maddeningly loud when full. The service was a bit slow, the wine list a bit pricey and the gentleman in charge of bringing the selection of breads ( all wonderful looking), offering one only, does not reappear for a refill until you wave frantically for a long while along with everyone else trying to get his attention. An amuse bouche is offered when seated, a nicely spiced spread on toast. However, looking for a simple salad of greens to start, we were told that it doesn't exist at this restaurant, only the more complicated salads on the menu were available, recited by our waiter as if he were afraid to go back to the kitchen and ask if we could be accomodated. We had a very good snapper dish, a good tuna dish, rare as ordered and 2 orders of the bouilliabase, very tasty but perhaps a bit small a portion for a grown man. The menu is not too big but covers a nice range of fish, chicken, and meat. I think the price range is a good bit higher than the other restaurants run by this chef but it aims to be a "finer" dining experience. Again, it does not at all strive to be "Mexican upscale" or "Spanish upscale" but may appeal to those in the Greenwich area code looking for the next new thing.

      1. Nice atmosphere but the food does not warrant the prices. My appetiser was great- tuna & Avacoado tartare but my main course-lobster ravioli was only OK. We were a party of 6 and not one persons dinner was fabulous- all just good at best. Portions are a little on the small size and the menu is a bit too limited. While the service was good, overall it is not a place I would go back too.

        1. I looked up the address and is this the old boxing cat location?

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          1. We ate at this restaurant and I would not go back. Simply put, the food was just not good. The prices were high, but even if they were lower, I would not return, since mediocre food is not good at any price.

            The menu has some Mexican influenced dishes, but there are also Pacific Rim-type and continental choices. We ordered four different entrees among us, and none were good. I had a pompano special that was supposed to come with a half lobster and a gingered vegetable sautee with crispy wontons. The lobster portion was miniscule. It might have been a half of a lobster, but of a pygmy lobster. There was no way to taste the pompano, since the gingered Asian sauce that it was drowned in tasted and looked like it came out of a LaChoy bottle. The crispy wontons were tasteless and looked like they were delivered in a can from Sysco. Also at the table were the pork chop, which was tough and bland, the lobster ravioli which was average, and the "seared" tuna which was grey on the outside rather than crusty, like they had cooked it in a pan that was not nearly hot enough. The supposedly lump crabcake appetizer which was a special had nary a lump of crabmeat in sight. It was composed of what appeared to be crabmeat put through a food processor. It was extremely disappointing.

            The service was attentive but they need a lesson in manners. The server would just barge in and ask if we were ready for drinks, wine, to order, or whatever, but with no regard to the fact that we were conversing. Usually they wait a second while someone finishes their sentence and then ask, but this fellow just barreled right into the conversation. It was extremely disruptive. Furthermore, he came by too many times to ask if the food was OK and took away a drink that still had drink in it.

            The restaurant itself is lovely, with lots of room between tables and a nice decor. But nothing can make up for bad food.

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              Kfood. You have to be wrong. They got a 4 star rating! See this post:


            2. by no means is the food here "bad"............excellent? no (especially for the prices they charge).........very good, yes........service was great.......nice space between tables........lighting was nice........drinks were very good (although pricey).........but i guess they're catering to the "greenwich crowd"......
              i think they'll do just fine.......

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                food is mediocre, no character, low level flavors, the owner is consistent...

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                  So does anyone agree with the NY Times review of Excellent? From what I read here it seems pretty negative. Opinions?

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                    I know! I am amazed at the fact that NYT gave it an excellent and they rarely give those out and the general feeling here is not a positive one. I may have to try it anyway even tho I usually shy away from anything other hounds pan....

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                      The Ct reviewer Patricia Brooks gives "Excellent"s away like candy some times. Rare that the review and the rating coincide but in this case she wrote a review for an "Excellent" and gave one. Now the big question is the resto itself. Like you jfood is a little nervous with all the negs from the Board, but will go with an open mind.

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                        have you gone? we have not yet but I trust your opinion so let me know your thoughts.....

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                          Thanks K.

                          There are several resto above this one on the "gotta try" list. And given some of the responses here, it does not appear it will "cut the line." Brooks giving it this rating only gives jfood pause.

                          Still gotta try Market and Duo in Stm and Schoolhouse in Wilton, maybe DaPietro in Westport as well. Habana, Kazu and the other sushi in SONO. The list is getting long and that;s a good thing. So many years in FFD county with nothing to speak of.

                          The jfoods have been out of commission for two weeks with unfortunate family stuff. After NYE, the resto circuit will crank up once again. Will report back as always.

                          Happy holidays to you and yours.

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                            and to you as well - we have been to Duo and enjoyed it. I would head back to give it a real try as we went before a show and had to rush thru but I liked it enough to go again.

                    2. re: sibeats

                      Excellent....well if that refers to service, food, ambience, food, professionalism, food.....then YES! Simply said one of the best meals/experiences we've had outside of the city in a very long time and can't wait to go back. Maybe it helped that they surprised us with a 10 piece tasting dessert tray - just because! (and yes, we tasted all)

                      1. re: crashpam

                        Glad to hear you had such a good experience...we are going saturday night and will report back. The menu does sound really good. What did you eat crashpam?

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                          Sibeats - would love to hear how your experience was at Palomino's - hoping it was as good as mine.

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                            Crashpam, sadly it wasn't what we were hoping for based on an "excellent" from the NY Times (not that I'm surprised by that standard). It started off very nicely with an amuse bouche of pumpkin bisque with chopped pecans, very nicely done.
                            We all enjoyed our appetizers. The scallops were delicious, oysters were very good, the shrimp dumplings were good (but the filling crumbled apart which made for messy eating) and the tuna tartare was good but could have used more of the mango coulis. The crispy toast sticks in the tartare were excellent.
                            Small service blips happened here and there, but we usually don't get hung up on things like that. For instance, they didn't bring us bread until after the appetizers were cleared. They served the amuse bouche while we were still looking at the menus, which was a little awkward, and then both of the servers were reciting what it was at the same time, but as they moved around the table you didn't know who to listen to so after they left we all looked at each other and said "what is it"? Again, nothing that would make us not come back.
                            The entrees on the other hand were a disappointment. They just seemed mediocre and ordinary. I'm not sure even how to describe it...there was just nothing exciting about any of them. The sauces seemed very old school and everything was kind of muddied together. The filet was flavorful but very sinewy and tough. The brussel sprout accompaniment to the filet was probably the best of the sides. For a restaurant that bills itself as American Market Cuisine, it just didn't ring true. That type of food makes me think of fresh, vibrant flavors, interesting ingredients and clean presentations. All of the plates were swimming in watery sauces, with no real eye to how it looked. I know, I'm picky...but there are many other places around with "market cuisine" that are far better. I really wanted to like it...but I don't think we'll be going back. That being said, the place was full (most tables were either adults 65+ or families with children) and I think they will find a nice niche for themselves.

                            1. re: sibeats

                              ive never like this place, nor the others owned by the same, food is always, bland, boring, mediocre, old school, poor flavors