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May 9, 2007 05:37 PM

Little Owl

Is it is good as the revews say?

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  1. I've only been once, and while I thought it was charming and the food was definitely above average (loved the sliders!), I wasn't as blown away as I had anticipated.

    1. The board seems pretty divided, but I continue to love Little Owl. Killer pork chop and sliders, among other things.

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      1. re: Kanger

        I've with you! I still think about those 2 dishes in particular. Loved it and dying to go back.

      2. I've actually gone a few times, both for brunch and dinner. The service is great and the food above average. It's a really good neighborhood spot, but I was not blown away and I'd honestly say it's a bit over-hyped.

        1. I too was underwhelmed by the much heralded pork chop. It was wholly unremarkable the night I visited. The sliders, by contrast, were terrific. I would also recommend the beignets, which are a great way to end the meal.

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          1. re: Desidero

            I actually don't love the beignets themselves, but the addition of nutella (as always) makes everything alright!

          2. We like Little Owl. It's cute, its fun, the food is great. I just wish it was easier to get a table.