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Little Owl

Is it is good as the revews say?

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  1. I've only been once, and while I thought it was charming and the food was definitely above average (loved the sliders!), I wasn't as blown away as I had anticipated.

    1. The board seems pretty divided, but I continue to love Little Owl. Killer pork chop and sliders, among other things.

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        I've with you! I still think about those 2 dishes in particular. Loved it and dying to go back.

      2. I've actually gone a few times, both for brunch and dinner. The service is great and the food above average. It's a really good neighborhood spot, but I was not blown away and I'd honestly say it's a bit over-hyped.

        1. I too was underwhelmed by the much heralded pork chop. It was wholly unremarkable the night I visited. The sliders, by contrast, were terrific. I would also recommend the beignets, which are a great way to end the meal.

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            I actually don't love the beignets themselves, but the addition of nutella (as always) makes everything alright!

          2. We like Little Owl. It's cute, its fun, the food is great. I just wish it was easier to get a table.

            1. We really like their brunch, even if the coffee service is a bit strange. I think you stand a better chance of getting a table if you go early for brunch than you do if you attempt to go for dinner, as well.


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              1. Yeah, I thought it was over-hyped myself. That said, we had a really fun time and sat next to a celebrity the whole time which was exciting. The appetizers we had were great (sliders and a fried artichoke special), but the pork chop was good but a bit on the dry side (in their defense, I've never had a pork chop that I haven't considered to be a little dry) and the Lamb Shank was also good, but not a quantum leap above any other lamb shank I've had around town. We had a great night, and I'd definitely go back, but I thought my expectations for the food were not totally met.

                1. It's very good and the staff is incredibly friendly. If you're going expecting heights of culinary achievement, you'll be disappointed. Little Owl is very well prepared comfort food.

                  1. My take on the last few times that we've been, and I agree with the previous poster's assesment - definitely very good comfort food. Nothing more than that. But, enough to make us want to go back whenever we can.

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                      good but overhyped. Run by very nice people

                    2. Is Little Owl a good date spot of a special occassion? I've never been but my brother and future sister in law went a few months ago (maybe even around Valentine's Day) and mentioned that they reallly liked the restaurant.

                      I'm thinking about giving them a gift certificate to a restaurant in NYC for their wedding (of course I don't know all of their favorite places yet and this will take some investigating), but would Little Owl fit the bil? I'm hoping they can use it for a romantic, relaxing night out at some point in the future after the wedding.

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                        I don't know if they give gift certificates , but I think it would be a nice idea,and you could certainly call and ask.

                        I don't know if it's the first place I'd think of for romantic, but with the candles and the windows and the cute west Village area it's in, it certainly could be. I'm sure they'd enjoy it.

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                          I like this place - the ambiance, the food and the prices are just appropriate In my last review on this board, it did remind us of some Paris bistro, at least in ambiance and location, but as a date spot? Hmmmm, I think it would depend on how intimate you'd want the date to be. The tables at Little Owl are so closely-spaced together that there's no possible way that one table will not hear the next table's conversation.

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                            Yes. It's small and tables are quite close, but I do find it romantic and comfortable nonetheless

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                              If you can secure a window seat, I think it's very romantic as long as you don't mind being so close to other people ...

                            2. My boyfriend took me for my bday and he emailed Joey the chef ahead of time and he set up a tasting menu using only ingredients that we liked. They must have emailed back and forth 10 times and the menu and wine pairings were amazing! i would recommend doing this for a special occasion, good way to try many things. My favs were the steak with asparagus tips and roasted potatoes and the strawberry rhubarb crisp.

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                                That sounds amazing. I am so gonna do this for a special occasion one day.

                                My first little owl experience was great. I got lost in the west village (I think it's part of every new yorkers initiation to the city) and stumbled in at 9:30(?.) They took my cell number down and shortly after I had a table. It is slightly cramped but the street light outside imbues the place with this wonderful glow when it's dark and despite being fairly loud and tightly spaced it was a rather romantic atmosphere.The food does not reach for the boundaries of culinary creativity, but is well executed comfort food. However, my lamb shank could've been braised a bit longer. Service was perfect. Water glass was never empty, and someone was there everytime I turned around in need of something.

                                I will definitely return and it seems Little Owl will become one of my standby's in this neighborhood.