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May 9, 2007 05:25 PM

El Segundo...Markets? Bakeries? Lunch Spots?

I need to go to El Segundo (from OC) and was wondering if I can make the trip worthwhile by getting some great food. Are there any great markets, bakeries, or lunch spots in the vacinity that you can recommend--all cuisines/categories welcomed! TIA :)

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  1. For lunch - La Paz is my favorite. Family owned, very friendly, casual place, plenty of parking and seating, you get chips and salsa as soon as you sit down. I always get the big Junior Super Deluxe Burrito for about $8. They actually have a larger one than that too. Soooooooo good. It's pretty much a locals' place. I recommend it pretty often, but I don't think anyone ever takes me up on it. But it is really really good.

    405 to 105 West, exit Sepulveda South. After a couple blocks, make a right onto Mariposa, then a left onto Center Street and it's on that corner on your left.

    A brand new Whole Foods supermarket just opened about a week ago in a shopping center at Rosecrans/Sepulveda.

    1. Hey funwithfood, thanks fo dat rec on Park Ave., ah, like two years ago. We been going ever since. Now, about El Segundo. To me El Segundo is a sandwich town. I drive from SGV at least twice each month for these places.

      Original Rinaldi's (Italian combo, Meat Ball sandwich, Hot Chicken sandwich or anything they make)
      323 Main St.
      El Segundo, CA 90245
      (310) 647-2860
      From N. Sepulveda Blvd go West on E. Grand to Main St.
      From W. Imperial Ave. Go South on Main
      Right across from the Fire Department

      Big Mike's Philly Steaks and Sub (Best Cheese steak in L.A., Get the 18" – Nuff Said!)
      507 Main St.
      El Segundo, CA 90245
      (310) 726-9638

      1. Well, if you end up there late Thursday afternoon (or very early evening) there's a farmer's market on the main street. I've gotten some good tomatoes and blood oranges there.

        You might enjoy Farm Stand, which is fresh middle-American food for the most part (with a very slight Middle Eastern spin)... best to read some reviews here before opting for it. I enjoy the place but it's not mind-blowing. If you like Thai there's a basic, nice Thai off the folksy downtown area called Siam Bay. It's got a really really really good ginger snapper dish. I expect you can search Chowhound for both of those and come up with something on them. There are one or two interesting bakeries in town but I don't know much about them.

        1. Dessert? Not El Segundo but close. I have not tried this place yet but have read very good things here. Maybe call about the hours for sure. Check out the pics on the link.

          Delicieuse Cafe
          2503 Artesia Boulevard (cross street Phelan Ave.)
          Redondo Beach, California 90278

          Hours of Operation:
          Friday - 5 pm to 9 pm (last dinner service at 8 pm
          )Saturday - 12 noon to 9 pm (last dinner service at 8 pm)
          Sunday - 12 noon to 4 pm (last lunch service at 3 pm)

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          1. re: JeetJet

            they serve homemade artisanal ice cream that knocked my socks off.

          2. Thanks for the feedback JeetJet. The lunch recs look great!

            Darn--I'm going out on a Tuesday (disappointment inserted here)...that ice cream sounds fantastic. (I'll be back to pick up my repaired camera--will have to come back on a Friday so I can stop by for some ice cream!)

            I don't mind driving a bit--I'm never in this area. BTW, is Penzey's nearby?

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            1. re: Funwithfood

              Penzey's is in Torrance, it is off the 405 on Hawthorne.

              The farm stand rec is GREAT! We had a wonderful meal there not that long ago. Really friendly folks. Also, you might want to visit their new MAMOTH whole foods. Really nothing like like here in California...