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May 9, 2007 05:05 PM

Ghali kitchen re-opening at Greenwood/Queen East

Just noticed a sign in the window today saying that they are re-opening. Can't wait! Missed trying the much praised pizzas before they moved.

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  1. Will he keep the spot opposite the Chum City Building on Queen West?

    1. Amazing news! Now I don't have to keep kicking myself for not trying them when they were here before. Any word on when?

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      1. re: vorpal

        No specifics on when... the sign only says "soon" - oh, and "yeah!!", so looks like they know they were missed. Hope running two locations won't dilute the quality. No idea if they plan to offer delivery.

      2. That would be awesome.. I don't get down there often so keep us posted! Hopefully the delivery will be back on too.

        1. I know! I was so happy to see that!!! I walk by it every day looking for more clues on when they'll open. I was sad to see them go. On the sign it says they'll be open 24 hours on the weekend. do you think this was an old sign or they're planning a revamp of the east side location?

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          1. re: thegory

            Don't hold your breath. He said he was starting weekend delivery out of the old location last February.

          2. I don't think they'll be running two locations! I went through the Queen street food court building (whatever its real name is) today and they have been evicted! There was a posted notice.

            Any idea why?

            P.S. I've never eaten at the Ghali Kitchen. But, now I'm curious. When they re-open on Greenwood, what should one try?

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            1. re: Atahualpa

              I quite enjoyed the jerk pork pizza, worth a try for sure if you live in the area.

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                In the times that I have been there, they haven't been very busy. I wonder if they just couldn't do well given you had to walk all the way to the back of the Queen West location to scout them out.

                1. re: Zengarden

                  I would happily come to the same conclusion -- I'm in that market frequently and they never were all that busy -- except for the fact that the notice clearly said they had been evicted (and must not return to the premises under penalty of law etc . . . ). That sounds like more than just that they were unhappy with the location.

                  Maybe it was the horribly obnoxious music they blasted out and forced everyone (i.e. the other shop owners) to listen too.

                2. re: Atahualpa

                  DH loves the pizzas, I love the pastas (availability depends, but I've enjoyed the jerk pork/tomato and some kind of coconut chicken curry). Sandwiches not so good.
                  The pizzas are very thin crust.