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May 9, 2007 04:49 PM

In search of outstanding Prune Danish North side greater Lakeview area

In search of outstanding Prune Danish North side greater Lakeview area. Years ago this was a staple at family run Polish and Jewish bakeries. Now it seems impossible to find. Is there any outstanding prune danish to be found on the north side? TIA

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  1. Good luck finding any "family-run Polish and Jewish bakeries". Except for artsy ittle lunch places that charge $6 for a piece of cake and call themselves bakeries, I don't know of a single bakery between Roosevelt Road and North Avenue. North of there,
    neighborhood bakeries are just about kaput. Of the few remaining examples, I am not aware that Dinkel's or Swedish Bakery has prune danish---have never seen it there. You might check the Jewish bakeries on Devon Avenue---look at the Tel Aviv Bakery or a couple more with a block or so east of the Tel Aviv; I don't know the names as I always go to the Tel Aviv. Browse the street. I wonder too about the big market on Devon about a block east of Clark---I think it's called Devon Market---which has a lot of Eastern European stuff---they may have a line of Eastern European pastry but I'm guessing. They probably have the filling in jars---it's called lekvar.

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      Yes, Tel Aviv Bakery on Devon is the most likely, and is a good recommendation. I know they have several different kinds of poppyseed danish and I bet they have prune too.

      Tel-Aviv Bakery
      2944 W Devon
      Chicago, IL 60659
      773 764-8877

      They are strict Kosher so they close early Friday afternoons and are closed all day Saturdays.

      Another place that has a good chance of having them is Kaufman's on Dempster Street in Skokie.

    2. This past Easter Sunday I enjoyed the best Danish I have ever eaten in life at Tre Kronor restaurant on Foster Avenue near North Park College. I don't know whether they make prune or not, but I'd suggest you call them and ask. FWIW, any flavor will be sublime as long as you're not allergic. The dough was ethereal!