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May 9, 2007 04:30 PM

Tofino - Raincoast Cafe

Has anyone been to this restaurant and have an opinion on it?

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  1. Yes, although we go to Tofino annually it has been a few years since we have eaten at the restaurant.

    It was very good. Thai influenced cuisine. Seafood. Coconut milk.

    Open only for dinner just off the main drag into the village in the same complex as houses a whale watching enterprise, gift/art shop, hemp clothing...oh so Tofino.....

    Not cheap, but nothing in Tofino is.

    1. unfortunately tofino and uclelet are being over developed and it's losing it's appeal - the area used to be my favorite place anywhere....anyhow - I would recommend eating in Ucluelet - there is the tauca lea resort on the spit in the harbour and the Boat Basin restaurant there is great - I haven't been for over a year but friends have been since and share my feelings about the place. It over looks the boats, they try to use as much fresh regional food as they can as well as BC wines - the service was friendly and it was just a great experience.

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        Agree with the development issue. We now travel out after Canadian Thanksgiving when there are less of ...admittedly.."Us" around [smile]. I could not imagine the village of Tofino in mid-summer now.

        Now you have Jack Nicklaus designing a golf course in Ucluelet and more condos, homes and a hotel.

        The Boast Basin restaurant looked quite good when we dropped it a couple of years of so ago. However, we were hoping to have some nice wine with lunch but they were only open for dinner. Menu did look good though.

        Fair number of good spots to eat in the area due in large part I expect to that same development mentioned.

        When Andrew Springett came to the Wick he really improved with quality and consistency of the food at the Pointe. Sure it is "rock star" crazy prices but an outstanding "physical plant" with breathtaking ocean views regardless of the weather.

        Again we usually only walk up Chesterman Beach to have lunch because the sun has usually set by the time we are interested in eating dinner come the Fall and the view would be gone.

        I hear he has left and someone formerly at the Mission Hill Winery has taken over the kithen at the Wick.

        I thought the thin pizza and salads at Paticceria Conradi [sp?] across from the liquor store in Tofino was decent.

        Did not try SOBO since Lisa and Artie moved the catering truck into the Botanical Gardens where Cafe Pamplona used to be.

        1. re: Bob Mac

          when i saw the report about the golf course on the news i wanted to cry!

          i forgot about the Wick (too $$$ for me) - I've heard Middle Beach Lodge has great food in their restaurant.

          There was a great little fish & chip place in ucluelet we went to at new year's when i was there last - i can't rememeber the name but it's a blue house and there is a sign above the door that says "we speak albertan" :)

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            "we speak Albertan"? ...LOL...too funny I think I may have spied that spot during our visit last. We usually just drop into Ucluelet to check out that funky gift, art suppies shop toward their harbour en route to or from the trail and lighthouse.

            I think the only place we have actually eaten at is the Matterson House or something to that effect on the main street. Yellow or cream coloured as I recall.

            Some people are big fans of the Middle Beach Lodge. We have been 4 or 5 times and it has been largely ok but outstanding. It is nice for the different look of the beach and the waves. Cox Bay is quite different from Chesterman Beach.

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              How is the Wick too $$$ for you?
              You're paying for the unique dining ambience.
              Wine is reasonably priced, and it isn't a set menu with astronomical prices.
              My wife and I ate there twice in four nights. The bills combined were less than the cost of our entire hotel expense in Tofino.