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May 9, 2007 04:21 PM

Recommendations for Neenah, Wisc.

I will be eating several meals in Neenah, Wisc., in a couple of weeks, and I'm looking for recommendations. I love any kind of good food, and I always enjoy learning about and trying local specialties. I'm also interested in good, local beers. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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  1. you'll probably be better off popping up to Appleton - Neenah's kind of a suburb of appleton.

    Once there, try the Prime Quarter - decent steaks.

    If you get the chance, come up to Green Bay and go to Titletown Brewery. The spinach/artichoke dip is unreal, and all of the food is consistently really good.

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      Thanks! I'll have a car, so I can get to Appleton easily, possibly even Green Bay. And with "brewery" as part of the name, your Green Bay recommendation sounds promising!

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        Actually, Neenah has some great restaurants that you definitely don't want to miss. Zuppa's is a more casual restaurant, and the food is really great.

        Actually, If I were you I'd check out It's just a local guy that gives excellent reviews of the restaurants in the fox valley.

    2. The Fox Valley is a bit of a wasteland for food, but there are some local specialties worth checking out. Frank's Pizza Palace in Appleton is an institution, and is quite good. I read Jeff Lindsay's blog below, which is not favorable to Frank's, and I guess I can only say that someone who would deign to eat Pizza Hut pizza in preference to anything else has his own issues. But the true local specialties are in the Green Bay area: (1) Chili John's Chili, which is unlike any chili from anywhere else, is an institution and worth the drive (people actually charter flights up from Chicago to have lunch there and John Madden routinely goes there for a bowl whenever he is covering a game in GB) and (2) Kroll's, home of the butter burger (I prefer the East side to the West side, but the west side is a little more convenient and across from Lambeau). Both of these will give you a heart attack, but you asked for local specialties . . . As a third choice, kind of in a different category, is the Union Hotel in De Pere. Totally old school, also an institution, it feels like you stepped into a 1940s restaurant, and in effect, you have.

      1. I posted this awhile back in a different thread, but here it is again.

        My information is somewhat old as I have not lived in the Fox Valley for awhile, but;

        Sai Ram on Northland (I think) is a great family-owned Southern Indian place. Skip the buffet and order off the menu.

        Koreana is also on Northland I think and is good Korean and sushi. I used to lunch here often.

        Apollon is a fun Greek place off College Ave next to what use to be the SBC Ameritech building. Good Greek winelist:

        Nakashima's, a teppanyaki and sushi place, and it's sister Katsu-Ya sushi restaurant are not bad, but I think Koreana is better:

        I always liked Frank's Pizza Palace on College for pizza and a beer.

        The Season's (off 41 @ College Ave) is pretty good "fine dining", however if you live in a larger metropolitan area I would skip as it is not great by any means.

        There are some weird fusion bistro/nightclub places on College Ave in Appleton now, however I'm told they are to be avoided for food.

        Enjoy your trip.

        There is also a good Thai Bistro in Neenah I'm told, I'm sure a local can hip you to it's name,

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          I am in Neenah now, and I just got back from dinner at Koreana. I was a little disappointed not to find scallion pancakes on the menu, but the pork mandoo appetizer was very good. And the Kalbi (beef short rib) was among the best I've ever had. I think it was a very close second to Sorabol in Honolulu, which has always set the kalbi standard for me. I was amazed at how good it was. Not sure where I will end up eating tomorrow. I'll have breakfast and lunch on my own -- and I hope to do some sightseeing, since this is my first visit to Wisconsin. I'm judging at a dog show later in the afternoon, and I think I'm going to be taken out to dinner by dog show people afterwards. Such dinners are usually disappointing.... Anyway, thanks so much for the Koreana recommendation. I second it heartily!