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May 9, 2007 03:47 PM

Casual eats near G.G. Theatre?

My sister and I are taking mom to a play at G.G. Theatre (on Market & Taylor) this Sat evening, and wanted to grab a nice but not fancy bite beforehand. She has a bit of limp, so long walks aren't too feasible (though 5-10 mins is do able). I'd normally opt to cab to a better foodie area, but they are coming from the South Bay so will have to drive and park, and we're trying to keep this low hassle. I'm not at all familiar with that area of the city-- any suggestions of good places to go?

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  1. A number of threads come up if you search for "Golden gate theater":

    A remark that since those threads came into existence, Sultan is moving around the corner to O'Farrell, next door to Naan 'n Curry. I'm not sure if they have reopened yet. Tu Lan is literally right across Market from the theater, and has its fans. It's definitely "not fancy", but, well, I guess it depends on how liberal your definition of "nice" is. :)

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      Tu Lan is a complete dive. Some of the food is good, if you can get over how dirty the place is and actually try it.

      1. re: Euonymous

        The part where I said "depends on how liberal your definition is" was a bit tongue in cheek. However, the OP mentioned that walking a long distance was not ideal, and I thought perhaps they might want to substitute atmosphere for convenience. At any rate, it's right next to the theater, so OP could just take a quick look, and if they don't like it, go to one of the other places mentioned in those linked threads.

      2. re: shortexact

        Sultan was not yet open last night when I walked past.

      3. Thanks, for some reason I couldn't get the search function to work, so this was very helpful. I think based on these threads we are going to try either Lalita or Original Joe's. I'll report back!