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May 9, 2007 03:41 PM


I'm searching for a delicious piece of cake in Austin. I personally think I make the best cake from scratch, but my kitchen still isn't put together so it'll be a bit before I can bust out the Kitchenaid and make my vanilla bean or Mexican chocolate cupcakes/cake. :D

I like old fashioned cake. Not fancy dense molten chocolate cake, but moist cake with a good crumble and buttercream frosting. I like buttercream from scratch, with actual sweet cream butter and powdered sugar. None of that Crisco or margarine buttercream (which a recent cupcake from Cissi's Market was coated in, inedible), but light fluffy, sugary (no sugar granuales please), buttercream. I like to eat my cake by the piece, or in cupcake form.

I used to be able to get a piece of old fashioned cake like Grandma made from my local grocery store in my last town, but the stuff at HEB doesn't look like it comes close.

Please help this cake fiend!

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  1. Oh YaYa..we seek the same treasure and I will watch this thread carefully. I have been searching for the same qualities in a cupcake for some time (although a piece cake would be fine, too). So far, here is what I have learned:

    Texas French Bread- I have really disliked their sweet baked goods (have not tried anything savory). Their cake was so dry I threw it away.

    HEB chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream- When bought from the store's reserves, it was dry but the chocolate buttercream icing was good. When custom ordered...actually pretty good overall.

    Swetish Hill- Good texture in the cake, but the only icing option for the cucpakes is cream cheese. Good, but my personal preference lies with buttercream.

    Sam's- Believe it or not, a very tasty buttercream option. I once went to a baby shower and enjoyed the cake so much I asked the hostess which bakery she used. I was so surprised when she said she got the cake at Sam's.

    Randall's- Ugh. Waxy icing. Not good at all.

    Hey Cupcake- tender cake but way too crumbly. Fluffy icing, but I could feel the sugar granules. However, I went right after it opened and I see that the owner posted a sign stating "new recipes".

    Kitchen Door- Nice tender cake and good (but not perfect) icing. One of my "go-to" places when I need a quick treat.

    Central Market- lovely decorations, but dry cake and waxy icing. However, the Italian Creme Cake is good.

    Whole Foods- One time the cake was awesome. Great flavors and textures. The next two times it was merely average and not worth fighting the parking lot.

    I am still searching to find one that is the clear winner and would love to hear about places I have missed.

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      Honey Bee~

      Thank you for your extensive list of your adventures in the search for delicious cake! I am sad that a slice of "grandma's cake" or to-die-for cupcakes is so elusive. Hopefully one of us will fine it soon!

      1. re: YaYa

        Yes, please keep me informed and I will continue to post my endeavors. It seems so much easier to find a good carrot cake or italian creme, but a good buttercream seems elusive! And when you want cake, even the best pie or cookie simply won't satisfy that craving. Good luck.

    2. I've always enjoyed my cake experiences at Upper Crust Bakery. Looking at their website, I'm not sure that they do buttercream, but the italian cream and carrot are excellent. We bought a whole cake last minute a few months back to take for my SO's dad's burthday. It was divine and everyone loved it. Their cream cheese icing is perfectly tangy and smooth and the cake is not too dense but not fluff either.

      1. My friend, Todd, tells me that Chez Zee makes incredible cakes. He raves about them and said the best one they make is a lemon rosemary cake. I've never tried them, but claims they are the best he has ever had in town. They are over on Balcones and 2222.

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          I love the lemon rosemary and cocoleches cakes at Chez Zee. They are super yum.

        2. have you ever tried the earthquake cake. Its rich and gooey with cream cheese frosting

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