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May 9, 2007 03:32 PM

What butcher to get baby back ribs in Toronto?

I am a contestant in a rib contest in my neighbourhood. It is just a friendly competition - 'cept I want to WIN!!

I don't make ribs that often and I am wondering where I would be best to purchase the ribs? Thinking Pusateri's, Whitehouse or Bruno's? Or Cumbrae's? Suggestions please! (Or maybe it doesn't make much of a difference. I really don't know with ribs.)

I have a signature rib recipe already, Asian style with sesame oil, chile paste and hoisin and other goodies, but if anyone has a stand-out recipe of their own, I would be pleased to receive it!!


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  1. i have a mixture of sugar, kosher salt, jamaican spices that i rub on de-membraned ribs; let it sit in plastic wrap for 4 hrs in the fridge and then take out for an hour.

    but the bbq on when I take the ribs out and set it for a low temp (don't know the temp, just where it is on the dial!)...tinfoil the ribs and put on....wait 6 hours and turn them over....wait 6 more hours and then take off the heat...let rest and then eat :)

    Now, I get my ribs from Olliffe most of the time, or Cumbrae's. But I have in a pinch picked up some ribs at Costco and they were not too bad.

    1. You can't really go wrong with Cumbrae's. Just call ahead. Or call any reputable butcher ahead. If you're downtown and west, Healthy butcher love to do this sort of thing too. It's fun. I highly recommend calling ahead.

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        I just bought some baby back ribs at Whitehouse at St. Lawrence Market on the weekend. The consensus was that they were absolutely wonderful. We often get them at Loblaws, but last time they were so bad (tough meat) we had to throw them away. We also sometimes get them at Bruno's (in Richmond Hill) and they are as good as the ones at Whitehouse, but way, way cheaper.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I always get my ribs from Brown's in the St. Lawrence Market. They have baby ribs and the longer ones as well as the country style ones - the kind with half a pork loin hanging off them - fantastic! I love grilling ribs. I slow smoke them with hickory chips and I use a southwestern style rub I got from the New Joy of Cooking. It's spicy and great. Good luck in the contest.

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            maybe they mean if you find a nice set of pork ribs at a no-frills or costco or dominion or any non-cumbrae/rowe/whitehouse/wholefoods meat joint, then go for it. it ain't necessarily the place, its the meat.

          2. Folks, please help us keep this board focused on where to find great chow locally. If you'd like to swap tips on recipes for great ribs, please head over to the Home Cooking board; we've moved some of the off topic posts to this thread: