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May 9, 2007 03:11 PM

ISO Marasche cookie recipe

Does anyone have a recipe for Marasche? It's a little ball-shaped almond cookie rolled in toasted sliced almonds and there is a dark cherry in the middle. I've searched on-line and haven't had any success locating a recipe. Thanks!

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  1. I hunted around online a little and found two recipes that sound similiar to what you are talking about, although neither of them is rolled in toasted sliced almonds....

    Cherry Wrap Around cookies:

    and the Cherry Bomb cookie recipe in this article:

    I think it would be fairly simple to used either of these recipes, or any standard almond cookie dough that you liked, and roll it in the toasted almonds instead of using a glaze recipe...

    Marasche seems to be a darker more intense maraschino style cherry - I found some information about there here:

    I might have to try my hand at these - they sound good, and my husband is made for the cherry/almond flavour.

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      Thanks for the assist! Yes, the cherry in the middle of the cookie is very dark, almost black. I had this cookie for the first time at a party over the weekend (they were purchased from an Italian bakery) and some of the other party guests thought the center was either a piece of date or an olive (because it was so dark, not because it tasted like an olive - that person plucked out what she thought was an olive and discarded it, and continued on with the cookie.)

    2. Okay, found it.

      Kim at Convivial has a recipe - she (he?) says it's from the book "The Italian Baker" by Carol Fields.

      According to Kim it's an almond paste cookie wrapped around the cherry, the rolled in almonds and baked -- I am so definitely going to have to make these.

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        THANK YOU! I am so happy! I ran across this website earlier because he/she described a meal that ended with this cookie, but the link to the recipe you found wasn't shown. I am going to make these too. YUM!