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May 9, 2007 02:53 PM

sushi take out on the westside

tried Maya in santa monica- yale and sm blvd - awful.

the japanese express cafe or whatever on motor and national is just ok.

anyone know of any other similar type places?

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  1. Asakuma has two locations that are take-out only in addition to their main location on Barrington and Wilshire. The take out is pretty good and fresh. Definitely don't go to Sushi King for take out--they'll screw you on the portions.

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    1. re: voodoochild

      The actually have three take out / delivery locations plus the restaurant.

    2. Orale, Bandini, weather's been hovering in the 90s this week, no?
      Raw fish and heat don't mix, carnal. Cuidado, amigo.

      1. Hide Sushi on Sawtelle, just north of Olympic does take-out.

        1. I think Torafuku (Pico and Westwood/Kelton) does lunch boxes for take outs - the regular lunch there is delicious and inside is gorgious

          1. i'm pretty sure nagao [26th & san vicente] will do takeout.