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May 9, 2007 02:52 PM

review for opus

Had a Very Good Red Snapper on chard Romaine in kumquat sauce last night that was very good try pairing it with the verdejo martinsancho yum!!
Great for before a show at the wiltern and the manager allison is sweet and knowledgable and will take good care of you!

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  1. Was just there day before Mother's Day. Early celebration.

    My son got the snapper also, which he enjoyed. The charred Romaine lettuce I have to say is a bit different. I liked that a lot. He also got the chocolate peanut butter cake for dessert, which he loved.

    Hubbie and I had the 4 course tasting. It was fine, but I can't say it rocked my boat. The amuse was an interesting strawberry gazpacho, topped with tumeric seeds. It was savory and sweet, and the seeds lend a nice crunch. Kind of novel, but I wouldn't long to have it again.

    Then it's seared tuna on root veggie salad. I didn't quite like the flavor of that dish (actually it doesn't have much flavor), plus seared tuna is so in it's out.

    Then it's a complimentary soft poached egg topped with bacon and creme fraiche served on the eggshell. It's also a much played theme. I don't really think the bacon helped.

    The stand out is the pureed spring pea soup topped with fried pork belly. It has the perfect balance of sweet and savory, and smooth and crunchy. Definitely a home run.

    Main was a tiny little squab served on top of more root vegetable mix. The sauce on the squab was way too sweet, and the beets in the vegetable mix doesn't work.

    Dessert was a good lemon cheesecake, but nothing that says WOW!

    For $50 per person I expected a little more effort, more substance, and a little more food. Good thing hubbie and I didn't have big appetites.

    On the plus side I love the decor of the restaurant, which feels clubby and I just loved the leather seats/sofas. The service was really good, and the bread was outstanding (especially the parmesan crusted). $3 valet parking was downright cheap.

    If we go back again I'll just order off the menu and not do the tasting menu.