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May 9, 2007 02:45 PM

Zankou type places

What and where are the other places like Zankou with great garlic sauce and fair prices?

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  1. Chicken Al-Wazir on Glendale Ave. is pretty good. Everything I had there had a distinctively lemony flavor -- not bad, but different from Zankou. Here are some more of my impressions:

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      Is yours related to the one in Hollywood? There's no mention of a Glendale location on their website. In any case, I recommend Al-Wazir Chicken at Hollywood and Gower.

      1. re: rupertmonkey

        I don't know for sure whether they're related, but I kind of think they're not -- one is Chicken Al Wazir, while the other is Al Wazir Chicken! And the one in Glendale seems to have a somewhat different menu -- the shwarma comes in flatbread, not pita, and they mix tomatoes into their mutabal, and they serve rice pilaf.

    2. Louie's Chicken Cafe.
      3938 Grand Ave., #B
      Chino, CA 91710
      (909) 613-1377

      Located in the Chino Spectrum.

      Their chicken is sometimes a little dry, and their garlic sauce is similar to Zankou's but a little bit stronger.

      Whole chicken and 2 sides are $8.99

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          I like TiGeorges too, but Haitian food is cheating! Maybe this thread should be solely about Armenian/Lebanese roast chicken.
          How about Marouch? I seem to recall their roast chicken as being quite good.

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              But when you start with a chicken that has great flavor and fair prices you don’t need all that garlic sauce.

              Canadian Café
              125 East Colorado Blvd.
              Monrovia, CA 91016
              (626) 303-2303

          1. I have been impressed by the chicken shawarma with garlic sauce at Sham in Santa Monica and Sunnin in Westwood, both of which are superior to the chicken tarna at Zankou, imo.

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              I second Sunnin. I think their chicken shwarma with garlic sauce is far superior to Zankou. Also Moishe's at the Farmer's Market has great chicken shwarma.

            2. The true price-beater, and not bad if you get'em fresh off the rack (ask) is Super-King, on San fernando which on many weekends seems to be running a TWO WHOLE CHICKENS FOR $10 SPECIAL! Yep, you read that right. You don't get much sauce or bread, but they'll sell you more, and I have no knowledge of the available sides, but still, TWO CHICKENS FOR $10.00?!?