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May 9, 2007 02:39 PM

Lunch after the Showcase House @ Descanso Gardens

Where is there a good place to have lunch after seeing the Pasadena Showcase house at Descanso? I don't want to eat at Descanso and I don't want to travel to Pasadena. Is there anything within a few minutes drive? We are a group of 10 and open to any type of cuisine. Thanks so much

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  1. Divina Cucina (Italian) and La Cabanita (Mexico City-style Mexican) are five minutes' drive, as are Zeke's Smokehouse, Star Cafe, Joseph's Lebanese and Bistro Verdu, all worthwhile eats.

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      I second both La Cabanita and Zeke's!

    2. The first place that comes to mind is Cafe Sole on Verdugo Rd (same complex where the movie theatre's located) not far from Descanso. Amedeo Costantino's (Stoney Point, Bella Sera, Italian Fisherman and Primo Gourmet) small cafe like Italian trattoria. Food is always refreshing (especially if it's warm this weekend). Seating in, or out (but keep in mind there's a movie theatre's parking lot close by).

      There's also Joselito's, down the street on Honolulu. Great family mexican food. A good local hangout. There's an upstairs 'open' dining area but, it's usually full of noisy kids. Zeke's Smokehouse is also on Honolulu. Not a great fan of their bbq. Locals seems to like it and it was a CitySearch Best of. There's also Oceanview Bar & Grill. I've had a couple business lunches there and was quite impressed with the Chicken Marsala and Penne.

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        I've had truly horrendous service each and every time I've set foot in Ocean View Bar & Grill. Of four visits, I've stiffed the waitstaff twice and complained to the management -- who said they couldn't care less.

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          Ageed about Ocean View. Ordered a New York Steak MR and it came out way overcooked. Called the manager /owner over and showed him and got this ridiculuus look and shrug.

          Acceptable to good:

          Star Cafe
          Black Cow
          Divina Cucina
          (Cafe Sole recentlysold to owners of Camiles -Eagle Rock)

      2. Dish, on Foothill in La CaƱada, would be my choice. If you're going in a group of ten I'd advise reservations. Nice atmosphere, especially in the main room, and friendly service. Food's good, too, of course - kinda California Contemporary with a strong traditional accent, and not overpriced.

        Avoid Hill Street, back up the street a ways, under all circumstances. The popularity of this place baffles me utterly, but then Marie Callender's is popular, too. Go figure.

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        1. re: Will Owen

          Yeah! Dish is a great choice. Just minutes from Descanso, ample parking in a very casual environment. Call ahead so they can make room for your group. It's a small
          After, go to the Chocolate Box Cafe for some unique, yummy chocolates/truffles.
          714 Foothill Blvd (818) 790-7918

          If you find yourself late, then go to Bistro Verdu @ 5P for Tapas


          1. re: Kitchen Queen

            I have been privy to the WORST service ever and luke warm food at Dish many times.

            My reccomendation would be Divina Cucina which just re-opened from a remodel.
            We have had great meals there, many times.

            I would skip La Cabanita.

            1. re: joea

              I agree about DIsh...I have NEVER had good service there.

        2. for a very casual lunch, PENELOPE's on foothill. it's a combo bookstore/cafe. food is decent to good. they serve wine.

          second CHOCOLATE BOX CAFE.

          1. There's a branch of Taylor's steakhouse out there