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May 9, 2007 02:32 PM

Where can I buy local honey?

Union Square Greenmarket? Is it there now? Which stand?

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  1. Word on the street is that Amy Ruth's, a soul food restaurant in Harlem, sells honey made from beehives on the restaurant's roof. (113 W. 116th St., cross street Lenox)

    Zabar's sells a lot of American honeys, but I've never checked to see if they have local, NY ones.

    As for the Greenmarket, I think the stand you're looking for is Locust Grove's, but there could be others, too.

    1. I have seen some in the Essex St. Market at essex/rivington.

      1. The "bee guy" , who was recently on NPR, is at the Greenmarket. He also sells really great jams that his wife and daughter make (he's in charge of the honey).

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            I just love the Golden Berry Raspberry jam he sells - and a lot of the other ones too, including the savory jellies.

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            Is David Graves the beekeeper at Greenmarket? He's mentioned in a bee story on CBS Morning News today ( ).

            Quote from CBS story: "How much New York City rooftop honey does Graves harvest? Are you ready? More than a ton a season. Yes, more than 2,000 pounds carried back to Earth a frame at a time in his duffle bag to be bottled and sold at New York City's biggest farmer's market."

          3. The "honey man" is across from the Brewery place. He is much cheaper than the over-priced guys elsewhere (i.e. further downton at the market). He's older, a tall affable guy and his wife is shorter and always stands to his left. You can get a huge container for around $8.He's Twin Spruce Apiaries out of Climax, ny. Hard to forget!

            1. Greenmarket on Sunday's at Ave A between 7th and 8th Street in front o Tompkins Square Park-