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May 9, 2007 02:29 PM

Substituting Lemon Juice for Lime in Lime Bar Recipe

Last week I made the Cook's Illustrated lime bar recipe (it's really good!). I only had enough limes for half of the 1/2 cup called for, so I substituted Meyer lemon juice for the rest. They set up fine, and were a huge hit.

I know acidity is key to the filling thickening properly, so I'm wondering what would happen if I substituted all of the lime juice for lemon, and if it would matter if it were Meyer lemon or another type? TIA

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  1. There's an egg yolk, cream cheese and condensed milk in that fillling (if it's the recipe I recall) - lkemon, lime, orange...hmmmm...wonder what pink grapefruit or pomegranate might be like? - but I digress. The point I was about to make is that it shouldn't matter greatly - it's also both baked and chilled and should set no matter the juice.

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    1. re: Alice Letseat

      Yes, it has 2 T cream cheese, an egg yolk and condensed milk. I think you're right, after all that, the acidity shouldn't really matter. I'm going to try Meyer lemon with a little bergamot next.

    2. I think meyer lemons and limes are sweeter than regular lemons so sugar might need to be adjusted slightly. If the mixture is a custard (which it seems it is with a yolk) then the flavorings and the sugar should not effect the texture (within reason of course).

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      1. re: jenjunum

        I looked on the CI website, and there's a recipe variation (Triple Citrus Bars) that calls for lime, lemon and orange juice, though mostly lime. It seems like the recipe is pretty forgiving. Highly recommended!

      2. Hi Terril, those bars sound really good, would you be willing to share the recipe? Thanx! Linda

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