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May 9, 2007 02:12 PM

First time Austin

I This is my first time to Austin and I'm looking for suggestions of some fun places like hole in the wall, mom and pop, roll your sleeves up, roadfood worthy chow spots.This can be anything from soul food, thai, taco stand, burger joint, dimsum etc. Just not boring or everyday steak and potatoes.The type of place you are willing to go back to again and again and even maybe wait in line for.

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  1. Welcome to Austin! It is a great city and I hope you enjoy your trip.
    Here is a link to another thread that you may find useful:

    1. Welcome traumachef. Honey bee's link is a pretty good start for down-home chow, but I noticed no one talks about dim sum, which you mentioned. I would highly recommend T&S Seafood on North Lamar. Very much hole in the wall, but excellent dim sum and Chinese in general. I believe they have dim sum seven days, but it's best to visit on the weekends when the turnover is high and everything is fresh out of the kitchen.

      1. Hi traumachef,

        These threads should point you in the right direction, if I read your chow needs correctly:
        austin soul food
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        any other Chez Nous-like places in Austin?

        You might also want to check out recs by local ‘hound scrumptiouschef, who has covered a lot of previously uncharted territory. I’ve done a few posts about hole-in-the-wall authentic Tejano-Tex-Mex places, which you could probably find via a Google search, if you’re interested. There are many other good nuggets of information buried on the board.

        Happy chowhounding!