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May 9, 2007 02:08 PM

Good place to eat lunch by myself on 5th Ave, Park Slope?

I'm working near there weekdays....looking for some nice, inexpensive places to have lunch. Thanks!

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  1. Press 152 (or whatever the number is) on 5th between Berkeley and Union is great for lunch. Terrific sandwiches, lovely outside garden.

    1. but where exactly do you mean?
      Bonnie's grill is now open for lunch. Also go to Tempo Presto and get a sandwich and go sit in the 3rd street park also A&S pork store, they make sandwichs.
      There is also a very good Mexican Restaurant on 5th bet 11&12th called Tacos Nuevos Mexico. I reccommend the posole and the tacos. the Pipian is good too. KInara for Some Indian Food. There is a new Turkish where the Curry Shop used to be, but have not eaten there.

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        Around 5th and Union...thanks for the advice! Can't wait to try these places.

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          I have. It's called Alaturka and their chicken kabob sandwich is delicious and comes on their own baked seeded wheat-bread like good.

        2. taro's lunch special is just stupid cheap...and very comfortable for dining alone.

          1. Kiku & Tamari are both pretty good for Japanese. One of them only does lunch on Thursdays & Fridays. I can't remember which is which.

            Some of the good suggestions, like Nuevo Mexico are too much of a trek from Union. I've been pretty underwhelmed by Kinara. It may be the best Indian in the Slope, but that's not saying much. I prefer Press 152 to Tempo Presto, but both are good, and Tempo Presto has very good gelato. There's a Pan-Asian place a tad north of Union that's really awful, but I'm blanking out on the name (run by Malaysian Chinese people). It's too bad because they have a very cheap lunch special. I gave it two tries.

            I've always wondered about that hole-in-the-wall Latino place on 4th between Union & President. Has anybody tried it?


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            1. re: Peter Cherches

              Re: Hole in the Wall latino
              I've had the pernil and arroz con habachuelos and they were very good and reasonably priced. Their roasted chicken looks good also. There's great food smells coming out of that shop just about every time I pass by coming and going from the R train station.

              1. re: Peter Cherches

                must be Tamari. Kiku does lunch everyday

              2. viejo yayo on 5th and roughly dean or so, is excellent dominican/cuban place. biscuit has lousy barbecue but good fried chicken. not sure if song is open for lunch, they have great thai food. mekong is excellent vietnamesse and you can sit outside. its 5th and carroll, or maybe garfield. la villa next door is great brick oven pizza and you can also sit outside.