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May 9, 2007 02:08 PM

Does AYCD and AYCE Korean BBQ Exist?


heard rumors that there were all-you-can-eat AND all-you-can-drink Korean BBQ places somewhere in koreatown. does such a place exist? i heard soot bull gui rim had a $21 AYCE and AYCD soju deal. anyone know if that's still around?

thanks in advance!

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    1. There is one in Hawaiian gardens as well. Just went last nite.

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      1. re: justagthing

        do you know the name of the place? any details about what you can order/cost would be great too!

        thanks much!

        1. re: lnbish

          Last nite we noticed that they had changed their menu. We were a little disappointed, but then, it is still a good price. For $16.99 you get to choose from a list of 8 meats, they bring you the meats on a plate. You also get a hot bean soup at the end, they use to give you a cold noodle soup, but they now charge $1.99 for it. So worth it on hot days like we have had. I know they offer an AYCD, but I do not know the price on that. They have other combinations.

          OK...the restaurant is located on the Northeast corner of Carson and Norwalk. To be honest, I forget the name, signage is mostly in Korean. I googled it and found this:
          Market Place
          12201 E Carson St
          Hawaiian Gardens, CA 90716

          1. re: justagthing

            thanks for the details!

            anyone know of any places closer to LA? someone also said there was an AYCE & AYCD korean bbq place at vermont and james wood? not sure what's on that corner.

            1. re: lnbish

              funny you mention that because I WAS JUST THERE LAST NIGHT!

              23 bucks if I'm not mistaken for ayce + 1 bottle of soju/person.

              16 for just straight AYCE. quite tasty really, my first time there. my new manna replacement.

              1. re: ns1

                What is this place called? Extra $7 for a bottle of soju then?

              2. re: lnbish

                Don't know about Vermont and James Wood, but there is Manna which is just a block west of Olympic and Western (on Olympic) which has a $15 AYCE deal. I've only been there once, and the food was ok, as good as an AYCE BBQ place can be expected to be. I don't know if they have an AYCD deal though. It's a huge space and very noisy.

                1. re: anthead

                  to add: manna is very dirty with extremely poor service. there are plenty more AYCE kbbq joints in ktown that are clean, have much better quality meats and actually have something called "service".

                2. re: lnbish

                  The place you're looking for is called Ma Dang Sae.

                  1. re: Bert

                    ma dung sae is on vermont and connecticut right across from the galeria parking garage.