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May 9, 2007 01:41 PM

the Oyster Bar in Studio City

Ay good?? Your comments, please.

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  1. I'm curious too... Been looking around for some good oyster bar..hopefully one that is cheaper than Ocean Ave. and more casual too!

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    1. re: cynthia105

      All I really know about it is that it is Zagat rated. Lets hope we get some feedback

        1. re: robwein

          Actually I've made a mistake. It's called the "Oyster House Saloon", not Oyster Bar

      1. It's not an oyster bar. It's a divey bar with good drinks and decent yet not great food. The food is Italian pasta and seafood dishes like linguini clams, chicken parm, etc. Large servings, entrees all under $20. It gets a large crowd of regulars (including us) and the crowd tends older (50's+) although all ages do show up. As to the oysters, they do have raw oysters but only one variety typically, and they make oyster shooters also. The owner Herb and his son Scott are generally around chatting up the customers. It's as casual as can be and don't expect anything especially sophisticated.

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        1. re: Debbie W

          Sounds like it's exactly my kind of place. Thanks

          1. re: robwein

            I used to be a regular back when I lived in the Valley years ago. Get their peach schnapps after you're done with your meal. It's complimentary, at least it still was when I last paid a visit.

            1. re: snooze button

              yes the shnapps are still complimentary!

              Pasta della casa is the way to go... the only oysters I've had their were large and flavorless. NOt a place I would recommend for just oysters.